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'Cup of Coffee' with David Peralta today, after the game

Fox Sports Arizona's 'Cup of Coffee' show returns after the series finale against Atlanta today - around 1:30pm, AZ time - with David Peralta as first guest.

You already know the basics of Peralta's story. Signed as a pitcher by the Cardinals, he flamed out on the mound due to injury, then went back to Venezuela and reinvented himself as an outfielder. Returning to the United States, he toiled away in independent baseball, until he caught the eye of scout Chris Carminucci and the D-backs, who brought him into their organization. Fast forward a bit, plus one injury to A.J. Pollock later, and David Peralta, failed pitcher and indy ball outfielder was in the majors. But Sunday's debut installment of Cup of Coffee sees Steve Berthiaume get Peralta to fill in some of the detail of his trip, and it's thoroughly endearing.

The clip above has Peralta telling about the time he met Tony La Russa when in the minors, and was thoroughly star-struck. But that's just one anecdote: you'll also hear about his time working in a McDonald's, to raise the gas money so he could drive to Texas and play for the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings (in a league which no longer exists!). Or his wife, Jordan, talking him out of the dumps during an 0-for-32 slump there. Or recounting the pain of being let go by the Cardinals organization on Cinco De Mayo. If you already liked Peralta before seeing this, I'm pretty sure you'll love him after it!

The show will also air at 2pm and 10pm Sunday, and one hopes Fox Sports Arizona will eventually put the whole ep online, for those outside their broadcast area. Hint, hint!