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Diamondbacks 4, Braves 2: Beercap. Because hoping hurts

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Meh. Hope is for the weak.

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Record: 14-18. Pace 71-91. Change on 2015: -1
Beer 1:  Sumatra Mountain Double Brown Ale
  • Decided to mix it up a bit with my opening beer.  Drift away from the hops and sail toward the malt.  Oh, don't you worry, the hops will be back in full effect soon enough.  Soon indeed......
  • Made it a little late to the action today, but not too late to see Miller give up a solo shot in the bottom of the 1st.  Oh joy.  0-1 Braves
  • Quiet day a Papago.  Feels like it compliments the perfect day outside: calm, subdued and relaxed. 
  • Almost feels like the day will follow much the same path as the day here at the bar:  calm offense, subdued pitching and relaxe....well with the struggles this team's having there can be no relaxing.
  • Miller being Miller as he hits Aybar after a bunt single.  Two men on, no outs and Miller looks pedestrian at best.  Joy.
  • Knuckle dragging appears to be Millers thing still.  STILL!!!!!  Seriously, can anyone tell me how in the name of Zeus you go from pitching WITHOUT scrapping your knuckles to digging DEATH STAR TRENCHES with your knuckles??!?!??!!?
  • Bases juiced now thanks to Miller's Canal Project, and no one is out.  This will, as a Papagoian just said "This can't end well."
  • Well, getting out of the 2nd allowing only 1run is a win in my book.  Somehow... 0-2 Braves.
  • Segura, you magnificent bastard!  I read your book!  Lamb hits what looks like a bases clearing double, only to have it become a bit dicey as Williams tries to put the breaks on Segura AND Lamb, which leads to hilarity and Segura barely beating out the throw home.  2-2 tie after Castillo flies out.
Beer 2:  Black Board  Dry Hopped Pils by Victory
  • Alright, just one more that isn't too hoppy, though for a pils this is far more hoppy than I expected.  Nice hoppy bite, but with the same crispness of a pils.
  • Magic happens in the bottom of the 3rd as Miller gives up NO runs, praise be to Lord Goldy who hath saveth the inningeth frometh the Millereth.
  • Segura might just have beat that out, but no challenge is forthcoming.  Still tied going into the bottom of the 4th, but at least there's plenty of beer to keep me occupied.
  • Miller will, of course, keep me coming back for said beers.  His pitching gives me migraines and he may soon give me several heart attacks as well.  
  • Luckily the Heart-Attack-Inducing-Miller powers through the inning and we get out of the 4th still tied at 2-2
Beer 3:  Hop Boxed IPA by Alpine Beer Co.
  • Finally, an IPA.  Also, this might be the finest IPA I've had thus far in the year of our Lord Goldy: 2016.  Citrusy, floral and well balanced.  It's perfect....unlike this frustrating game.
  • Miller.  Just dodging bullets like Neo.  Somehow gets out of the 5th.  Should I even dare to hope?
  • Drury just barley.....gets Castillo in on a slick double into left-center.  3-2 Dbacks!
  • Miller once again dodges more bullets.  Still 3-2 after the 6th and I'm now surrounded by several friends of mine who are drunk to the point of time traveling.  Good times..
  • Said drunk friends have just changed TV to pointless Warriors vs Blazers game.  Nice........Anyone who thinks NBA playoffs matter outside of the conference finals is mildly insane.
Beer 4: Hull Melon & Blanc by Port Brewing (Hop Concept)
  • Kinda wish I didn't order this.  but it was the only IPA on tap I hadn't really tried.  No bad, in that it's not overly malty, but really nothing spectacular.
  • Going into the 8th and we are still clinging to a 3-2 lead.  Decided to ignore drunk friends and I've turned the game back on.  I'll be damned if I wont finish this article without watching the end of this game.
  • Jerry's arguing with me that Gosselin is "hitting as good as anyone" yet his .233 average suggests otherwise.....
  • Apparently Jerry's drunk optimism propels players to glory as Gosselin hits a single.  Yay.
  • No amount of drunk optimism can save us from Ahmed's distinct lack of hitting.  3-2 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 8th.
  • My drunk friend just pointed out that we need a solid base hit to bring Segura home to tie the game.....before I informed him that we're still winning the game in the top of the 9th.  LOL .....
  • Goldy walks again.  Even though he's struggling thus far he still strikes the fear of God in to his enemies.....
  • Beef once again comes through and we got another insurance run.  4-2 Dbacks!!!
  • and....I'm done.... yay
Bells and whistles, by Jim

Let the record show that Brad Ziegler closed things out with a 1-2-3 ninth, and the Diamondbacks clinched the series win, and get to go for a very much needed sweep tomorrow.

[Click for details, at]
We won the trade! Brandon Drury, +25.5%
#Winning: Lamb, +22.5%; Hudson, +13.4%; Miller, +12.9%; Clippard, +10.4%
We lost the trade! Ahmed, -9.7%

Solid thread for a Saturday, past 660 comments, with MichaelMcD831993 the engine-room tonight, ahead of SongBird and hotclaws. Also taking part wereArizona Eyebrows, AzDbackfanInDc, Chelsea75, DbacksSkins, Diamondhacks, GuruB, I suppose I'm a Pessimist, JoeCB1991, Makakilo, MrMrrbi, Oldenschoole, Re Tired, Runwaybuilder, Sprankton, Xerostomia, blue bulldog, coldblueAZ, jmfugate, noblevillain, onedotfive and thunderpumpkin87. Comment of the night to Joe, for telling it it like it probably was for quite a few people!

This major-league hitting thing is clearly vastly over-rated! Anyway, having safely negotiated the shoal which is a Shelby Miller start, the Diamondbacks find themselves with a shot at the sweep tomorrow in Atlanta. Patrick Corbin starts for up, with first pitch at an unseasonably early 10:35 am. See you then(ish).