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Snakebytes 5/6: Oh no, we suck again!

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Can Adam Sandler play baseball? Today we use visual imagery to make our news more enjoyable.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's typically bad form to post a bunch of pictures, but today you're just going to deal with it.

Your journey to low expectations and schadenfreude is almost complete.

Lets relive the pain and misery, shall we?

D-backs' losing streak hits 6 with shutout loss to Marlins - Our first shutout too if memory serves.  Could this finally be rock bottom?  Oh yee of little faith, there's ALWAYS worse.

Marlins complete sweep of D-backs - Yes, yes, we know Reuters.  Thanks for making it feel even more official.

Tony La Russa douses report DBacks manager Chip Hale is under fire - Yeah, cause if you pay no attention to how good a job he's doing, then there's no reason to fire him.  Meanwhile our team be like:

Chip Hale: 'We're just not swinging it right now' - Yeah, THATS the only problem.

Fan captures selfie with Brandon Drury after catch in stands - Because selfies are now the new norm.

Slithering reptiles versus indigenous native warrior types - piratedan does another fantastic job on the preview.


Also related

Diamondbacks shortstop dives for a ball and loses his sunflower seeds - Because, Nick Ahmed does Nick Ahmed things.

Pleskoff Scouting Report: Brandon Drury - I mostly posted this because, well, it's not a very good assessment of Drury at all and we should all make fun of him for it.  Yes, I'm calling you out Bernie!