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So you're on a losing streak? How to cope

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A down in the usual ups and downs of a baseball season got you down? Follow these tips to become more emotionally stable... usually.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

1. Definitely direct your vitriol at beat writers/other fans/websites/other entities that don't have control over team decisions on social media. Also you should pitch your out of the box ideas to them, because, again, they can totally do something about that.

"What if we send Shelby Miller back in time to kill Hitler? Hear me out. You see, if he kills Hitler, he becomes a vampire, everyone knows that because I assume everyone reads the same obscure comic series I do. Now, he can't pitch in day games... YET, but if we send Ken Kendrick for the Cloak of Nymph's Blood so he can be out in the sun. Of course, he'll have an insatiable lust for blood, but we can work around that somehow."

2. Take up crocheting. It's relaxing and you can make yourself a blanket you can scream into all winter should things not get better! You can also fashion an effigy of Mike Butcher for some good burnin.

3. Instead of watching baseball every night, try something else to change the pace every now and then. See what your neighbor is up to? Gee, he sure likes to buy a lot of paint thinner, what could that be for? Hearing devilish screams from his house at night? Probably your own hallucinations as you detox from baseball. Definitely don't call the police, cause it's probably nothing and the potential vengeance visited upon you is a hassle.

4. Play a video game where you can up the Diamondbacks' stats and go through a franchise mode where they make the 1927 Yankees look like a bunch of dorks. Should you start crying into your controller, that's normal. Totally.

5. Start loosening your grip on sanity and give in to minor madness. Continue to watch bad baseball, but let yourself be taken over by a two-dimensional prospector character. "Heh heh! Dere's gold in that schmidt right there. I tell ya what you look at Jean Segura and Sweet Judy blue eyes those stats are good. Randall Delgado is kind of a varmint, dag nabbit!"

6. Curse the unloving God who forced upon you the tendency to have your mood rise and fall with the fortunes of a baseball team. Seriously, what a prick.

These are just a few suggestions. There are probably more ways to cope that you can share with your friends and loved ones to get through these troubled times. Cause seriously if the Braves do well against us, an IV full of White Russians might be on the menu.