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Snake Bytes 5/5: My-o My, That's Five

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The Diamondbacks had another rough go of things on Star Wars Day and now look to right the ship behind Robbie Ray on Cinco de Mayo.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Offense Unable to Save De La Rosa Despite Peralta Homer

Rubby De La Rosa dug himself a hole he just couldn't get out of on Wednesday afternoon, surrendering four runs in the first three frames. The Diamondbacks, closed the gap to one run, thanks to an RBI single by Nick Ahmed, and a two-run blast by David Peralta, but the damage was already done.

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Diamondbacks to Monitor Corbin Late

Patrick Corbin returned to starting duties last season, but the organization made sure to keep his workload light, lest he reinjure his valuable left arm. This year, Corbin is working himself back into having the endurance to go deep, and the Diamondbacks are watching closely.

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Dodgers Suspend Arruebarrena for Season -€” Again

The once highly-touted Cuban prospect finds himself suspended without pay for the second season in a row.

Are the Braves Looking for New Manager?

You know things are going bad when a team expected by most in the industry to finish dead last isn't winning enough games for the manager to keep his job.