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Diamonbacks 3, Marlins 4: The Dark Side Conquers

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Despite making Jose Fernandez leave the game early, the D-backs couldn't capitalize on the bullpen and fell 4-3.

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Another Rubby de la Rosa start, another opportunity to rebound after poor performances. He would disappoint with Giancarlo Stanton doing much of the damage.

After a leadoff double from Giancarlo Stanton in the 2nd, Marcell Ozuna would drive him in to give the Marlins a 1-0 lead. The 3rd saw Christian Yellich singling home Realmuto after a double to make it 2-0, and Stanton following up with a drive DEEP into CF, driving in Yellich and putting the Marlins up 4-0.

The D-backs worked counts deep and often against Fernandez, making things hard for him with baserunners and scoring opportunities, but each time Fernandez would escape. Not in the 4th however, as Nick Ahmed would drive in Drury from 2nd to grab their first run of the game and make the deficit 4-1. In the 5th, David Peralta would bring things closer with a moonshot into RCF to score Jake Lamb and make things 4-3.

Unfortunately for the Diamondbacks that was it for both offenses. The bullpens combined for 6 1/3 innings of scoreless ball to shut things down and make a winner out of the Marlins 4-3.

Pitching Details

  • José Fernández
    Jose Fernandez
  • Rubby De La Rosa
    Rubby de la Rosa
  • A.J. Ramos
    A.J Ramos
    SV: 9

Source: FanGraphs

Luke Skywalker - David Peralta (+16.1%)

Darth Vader - Rubby de la Rosa (-17.8%)

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Come back tomorrow as we face these same Marlins at 4:10 PM. Robbie Ray looks to salvage a victory and avoid the sweep as he faces off against Adam Conley.