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Dbacks 4, Marlins 7: In Mother Florida, the Marlins fish for you!

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Welp, that happened.

That face when you realize being signed on the team wasn't a sign of forgiveness. It was a more subtle form of punishment
That face when you realize being signed on the team wasn't a sign of forgiveness. It was a more subtle form of punishment
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The Marlins got things started off in the first against Patrick Corbin. J. T. Realmuto doubled and was moved to third by a Martin Prado single. Christian Yelich brought him home by hitting into a force out, with Prado out at second. However, Giancarlo Stanton also grounded into a force out and Marcell Ozuna struck out to end the inning, despite the inauspicious start.

In the top of the second, the Diamondbacks answered back. A single, a walk, and another single to Rickie Weeks Jr., Yasmany Tomas, and Wellington Castillo loaded the bases for Chris Owings. Now, I was away from the radio for this next play, so I'm not quite sure how it happened, but Owings hit into a force out that went 9-6, Stanton to Adeiny Hechavarria. How exactly that works, I'm not sure since I can't find a replay. what I do know, however, is that it scored Weeks sent Tomas to third and let Owings reach first. Nick Ahmed then hit a sac fly to score Tomas, giving the Dbacks a 2-1 lead. With Corbin at the plate, the inning came to a quiet close after that.

Both teams were quiet for a few innings after that. In the sixth, the Dbacks got the scoring started again when Yasmany Tomas lead off with a single and was brought home by a Castillo home run. However, that three run lead proved to not be safe in the bottom of the very same inning. Corbin gave up a walk to Stanton, who was then brought home by an Ozuna home run. Arizona still had a one run lead at this point. That wasn't good enough for Hale, who pulled Corbin in favor of Andrew "Please Pay Chip Hale's Ransom Before My Arm Falls Off" Chafin. He promptly walked the only two batters he faced, and left the game in favor of Jake Barrett. He was victim to a HBP call which at best was a case of the home plate umpire getting very lucky with the on field call, or at worst, not a HBP at all. That loaded the bases for Ichiro Suzuki. He did what he does best and singled in those two runners that Chafin walked. 5-4 Marlins

They added another run in each of the seventh and eighth innings to expand their lead and put the game even further out of reach. Final score 7-4, Fish

Source: FanGraphs

Fresh Salmon: Wellington Castillo, 19.7%

Processed, frozen fish fingers: Jake Barrett-25.2%

A pretty busy GDT. AZDbacksFanInDC lead the way with 253, over a fourth of the total comments in the thread and almost THREE TIMES the amount of second place Jackwriter. All present were:

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CotN goes to Shoewizard for his short, sweet, and to the point comment about the night.

Dinner roll call


Good depth often has to come from within, in the form of younger talent. Depth is hard to build overnight, but it’s easy to deplete.: Jeff Sullivan STAY THE COURSE

Same bat time, same bat channel tomorrow. See ya then.