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Dbacks 4, Marlins 7

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Once again, the Dbacks fell victim to the Big Inning. Patrick Corbin started the game off well enough. He had bit of a rough first inning, but he got out of it with only one run allowed. He kept it there through one out in the sixth inning, which is where the wheels fell off. He walked Stanton, which is never the wrong choice, In my opinion, and then gave up a no-doubter to Marcell Ozuna. That still left the Dbacks with a 4-3 lead. However, that wasn't good enough for Chip Hale, who pulled Corbin in favor of Andrew Chafin. He face two batters and walked them both. He was replaced by Jake Barrett. He faced off against Derek Deitrich. He supposedly got hit by a pitch by Barrett, though you would be hard pressed to convince me based off the replays. That brought pinch hitter Ichiro to the plate with the bases loaded. He did what he does best and singled home two runs, giving the Marlins the lead.

The offense didn't do badly tonight, but they also didn't do well enough to keep up with the Marlins. The put up two spots in the second and sixth innings. Unfortunately that just wasn't good enough, with the pitching staff giving up that number in just one inning. Full recap to follow soon.