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SnakeBytes 5/3: Travel Day Thoughts

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Mercifully, the Diamondbacks had the day off from baseball for the purpose of traveling to Miami. This caused a bit of a dearth of news, but here are the highlights.

For all the complaints about Chase Field, at least we don't have this
For all the complaints about Chase Field, at least we don't have this
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Dave Stewart: Shelby Miller Feeling Pressure From Big Trade
This article was discussed here yesterday, but was released just after SnakeBytes were posted yesterday. In case anyone missed it, I'll post it here.

Diamondbacks-Marlins Preview
Miami apparently has "enjoyed" the same struggles at home as have the Diamondbacks thus far. They are 10-5 on the road but only 2-7 at home. Also, Martin Prado currently leads the major leagues in batting average, at a .410 clip.

Marlins Park Still a Pitcher's Park After Changes to Wall, Fences
While this article dates from before the start of the season, if you are interested in learning about the changes made to the park that will host the next three Diamondbacks games, this is as good a place as any to start.

Arizona Diamondbacks Have Plenty of Time to Solve Identity Crisis

D-backs to Unveil Randy Johnson Way
On May 12th, the street in front of Chase Field gets a new name. Now, if only they could unveil starting pitchers that pitch the "Randy Johnson Way"... Also, if the Diamondbacks really had any intentions of leaving Chase Field, it would be kind of ironic to name the street outside the stadium after Johnson, so read into this what you will as far as the stadium spat is concerned.

Prospect Team of Week Includes Peter O'Brien
Sadly, also includes Dansby Swanson. I mean, good for Swanson, but bad for us, sitting here saddled with arguably the worst starting pitcher in baseball to this point. (Taylor Jungmann and Bud Norris are giving him a run for his money, but still.) Including Swanson was always the part of the deal that took it from sensible to insane.

Steve Berthiaume Savors the Conversations, If Not the Coffee

Around Baseball

Bartolo Colon Passes Pedro with 220th Win
Colon is now second all-time in wins by a pitcher from the Dominican Republic, trailing only Juan Marichal's 243.

Berrios Outpitches Keuchel for First Win
And on May 3rd, the Astros (who have yet to win consecutive games) find themselves tied for the worst record in the American League. So at least we can look to Houston and realize that it wasn't just the Diamondbacks who gave up a huge haul of prospects for an underperforming player who was supposed to put the team over the edge. Ken Giles has been awful, although at least his peripherals are nice.

New Closer Jeanmar Gomez Didn't Know Ken Giles Had Been Traded Until Spring Training
While for those of us who follow the sport year-round this might be shocking, baseball players actually do have lives apart from the sport and probably don't pay as much attention to offseason news (as long as it doesn't affect them) as we do.

Michael Conforto is Ahead of the Book on Him
Conforto is blossoming into a star in New York.