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Snakebytes 5/27: Boothgate

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Who would you least like to have an argument with, Tony La Russa or your significant other? Think carefully before you answer.

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Diamondback News

Tony La Russa Invades Pirates' Broadcast Booth During Game - So this happened.

Pirates Announcer Greg Brown Tells Off Tony La Russa, Who Barged Into His Booth Mid-Game - Not quite sure how I feel about this, or what the real source of the problem is.  Wish we had audio of the conversation, not just the re-interpretation.

Harrison's 2-run double helps Pirates top Diamondbacks 8-3 - This felt like a bigger loss than 1 game.  Segura nearly gets decapitated to start the game.  Cole struggles all game to find the strike zone.  Corbin, despite the 5 ER, really pitched well.  And they had bases loaded multiple times during the game without scoring. There's a whole lot of depressing things about yesterdays loss.

Padres take on Diamondbacks for 3-game series - This kinda feels like a potential year ender doesn't it?  I mean, you hate saying that only 1/3rd of the way through, but if they don't at least win this series it feels like the season is over.

Diamondbacks' Archie Bradley: Scratched from Triple-A start - Looks like the cavalry is on it's way.  He surely can't do worse than Miller.  In case you missed it, Related.  Scratching Archie sure seems like the rumors are true.

A Diamondbacks Bobblehead Can Be the Career Kiss of Death - Right behind being on NFL Madden and Sports Illustrated.

Former Arizona Wildcats star Jennie Finch to become 1st woman to manage men's pro baseball team - I was talking to a former High School coach about the Fox show "Pitch".  I was thinking, if Brad Ziegler can pitch underhand, why couldn't a female softball pitcher use that crazy softball motion to play in the bigs.  He couldn't think of any reason they couldn't.  Maybe Jennie brings on some talent with her?  I dunno...

Yasmany Tomas Is Having a Breakout Season Offensively - He is doing it kinda under the radar too.  Everyone talks about Goldie's slump, Millers bad pitching, Segura's possible All-Star season, and Drury's ROY potential.  But not a lot is said about how well Yas is playing.

Chris Herrmann's Had an Unexpected Breakout for the Arizona Diamondbacks - "It's unlikely that Herrmann will see much more time roaming center field, but as baseball's current hardest hitter, he needs to be in the lineup everyday. Something good can come out of it."

Other Baseball News

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