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Snake Bytes 5/25: Pirates Slip the Noose

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Through four innings, the Diamondbacks looked to be in control of the game. Then Rubby De La Rosa had a rough fifth inning, helping the Pirates take game two 5-4 in Pittsburgh.

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Diamondbacks 4, Pirate 5

The maddening inconsistency that is Rubby De La Rosa was on display last night once again. While De La Rosa looked like the one known as "Good Rubby" was on display through the first four innings, the pitcher known as "Bad Rubby" showed up for the fifth inning. Overall, De La Rosa still looked like an improved pitcher, despite the night’s results, but once again, the Diamondbacks found themselves behind by the time De La Rosa was pulled from the game, having pitched less than five full frames.


AP Recap


Hanging Slider Dooms De La Rosa, Diamondbacks

De La Rosa Unable to Create Streak

After having three outstanding outings in his last four starts, Rubby De La Rosa left Wednesday’s contest against the Pirates with his second-lowest game score of the season.

Goldschmidt Peppers Pirates’ Dugout

Maybe Paul Goldschmidt just needed to let off a bit of frustration with the way this season is going.

Rock Bottom for Miller

For those that missed yesterday’s discussion regarding Shelby Miller, here’s a look at Miller’s 2016.

La Russa: "Looking at alternatives" for Miller

Tony La Russa discusses Shelby Miller and how the Diamondbacks have been performing.

Hale, La Russa Blame Pittsburgh Organization
After both Nick Ahmed and Jean Segura were hit in the head by wild throwing relief pitcher, Arquimedes Caminero, Hale and La Russa leveled much of the blame at the Pittsburgh organization.