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Dbacks 1, Pirates 12

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Very ugly game tonight. Miller was terrible to start. He let the Pirates on the board early. Before recording an out, he gave up a three run shot to Gregory Polanco. That alone would have been enough for them to win, but they weren't done there. Miller gave up another two in the third, including an RBI to Pirates' starter Francisco Liriano. After he left the game, Andrew Chafin gave up another three runs, and at that point we all just sat around waiting for the heat death of the universe, because there wasn't any point in caring about this game anymore, though the Pirates scored another three in the seventh just to be safe.

The offense wasn't a whole lot better. They didn't get a real shot to score against Liriano until the sixth inning when he loaded the bases. Other than a Yasmany Tomas RBI walk, they weren't able to manage anything. They loaded the bases again in the, but managed even less as they left the bases loaded and weren't able to bring anyone home.That's all for actual baseball, though a bunch of other stuff happened. Full recap to follow, including a report on our two beaned players, Segura and Ahmed, to follow