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SnakeBytes 5/22: Gateway Edition

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The Diamondbacks complete their three game set in St. Louis today with a chance to win the series with their ace on the mound. Just as St. Louis was once the "gateway to the west," the gateway for the Diamondbacks to salvage their postseason aspirations in the NL West starts with winning the series today.

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The view of the arch from Busch Stadium is impressive. The view of I-64 (behind the first base side) not so much.
The view of the arch from Busch Stadium is impressive. The view of I-64 (behind the first base side) not so much.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I'm not at my normal computer, so I may be a bit short on links and long on commentary today. Feel free to add more links in the comments.

Yesterday's Game

Ray Settles After Shaky Start, Late Rally Falls Short
And to think, if Ken Kendrick had opened the wallet just a little bit more, we could have had Mike Leake. The Diamondbacks were still in talks with him even after acquiring both Greinke and Miller, and that would have pushed De La Rosa to fifth starter in what would have been, on paper, arguably the best rotation in baseball. Instead, Leake fired seven shutout innings against the Diamondbacks. The good news was that Rosenthal tossed over 30 pitches in a shaky ninth and shouldn't be available today.

Mike Leake Shuts Down Diamondbacks While Cardinals Blast Three Homers

High Pitch Count Dogs Diamondbacks' Robbie Ray

Diamondbacks News

Versatile Chris Herrmann Giving D-backs a Boost
So much is being written about Herrmann these days, I'm beginning to wonder how a team of nine Chris Herrmanns would do. Didn't he start to warm up to pitch in one of the early games, too?

Chip Hale not in Favor of Proposed Rule Changes
And for the most part, I agree. Strikeouts are more exciting than walks, and the strike zone changes would lead to more of the latter. The intentional walk change, though, I like.

Around Baseball

Braves and Twins: Whose Future is Brighter?
The main thing that struck me about his article was that Freddie Freeman is apparently only 26. He's been in the league a year longer than Goldy, but didn't go to college, so he is two years younger.

Looking Ahead

Garcia, Greinke Rematch Set for Rubber Game
Let's hope that Greinke is better than he was in their previous matchup, although I'd take a win any way it comes. (OK, preferably not in 18 innings, as I have a long drive after the game and I don't leave games early when I don't have my kids with me.)

I'll be at the game, sitting right in front of the Diamondbacks' bullpen. Every Diamondbacks game I've ever attended has gone extra innings, including the game on Memorial Day last year. If that holds, the D-backs should be at an advantage, with a (slightly more) rested bullpen.