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Diamondbacks 2, Yankees 4

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This felt awfully one-sided for a one-run game going into the ninth...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't take long for Shelby Miller to fall behind. Two batters, to be precise, as the Yankees went walk, two-run homer. However, Miller did settle down, though it seemed like there was a near-constant procession of New York hitters on the bags. The only further damage allowed was an RBI single to the last batter he faced with two outs in the sixth. He ended up allowing three runs over 5.2 innings, despite allowing 10 hits and a pair of walks; Miller also struck out five. Andrew Chafin, Jake Barrett, Zac Curtis combined for 3.1 innings of shutout - indeed, hitless - relief, which helped keep the D-backs in the game, but Evan Marshall gave New York an insurance run in the ninth.

However, they were unable to solve Nathan Eovaldi. Jean Segura lucked into a leadoff double, the ball bouncing off the second-base bag, and came around to score on a pair of groundouts. But, after Segura, Eovaldi retired 18 consecutive Arizona batters, before turning a 3-1 lead over to the triple-headed Yankees bullpen. The D-backs had their chances: the first two walked in the seventh, and Chris Owings then got his first home-run of the season (and only our second hit) to lead off the eighth, and made it a one-run game. But the D-backs fanned six times over the last three innings and couldn't come back to complete the sweep.

Piratedan7 will be along later with the recap, as scheduled recapper Mr. Burt is snowed under with real work.