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Diamondbacks 12, Yankees 2: Yankees find Lamb is Mutton to Sneeze at

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Robbie Ray turned in a solid start, but Jake Lamb will be giving various Yankee pitchers nightmares after tonight as the Diamondbacks take the first of three and snap a five-game losing skid.

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Before the game, the Diamondbacks honored the late Joe Garagiola with a very moving pre-game ceremony, and if you haven't seen it I imagine the Diamondbacks will post highlights at some point. The Diamondbacks, to honor him, reenacted Game 6 of the 2001 World Series.

Chad Green sounds like a pseudonym that someone who witnessed a mob hit takes on, but no he's a pitcher just called up for the Yankees for his first major league start. The third batter he ever faced was Paul Goldschmidt, and the results were, well....

Welcome to the show, kid. Goldy's 8th of the year was very nice to have. Also nice was in the second inning, Jean Segura hit an RBI double to score Chris Hermann to bring the score to 2-0 Diamondbacks.

Ray was great through three innings. Efficient and with nasty stuff. He decided to forego that in the 4th inning in an unconventional strategy. The Yankees strung together singles culminating in former jerk Padre Chase Headley singling to make it 2-1. Ray, for his part, got out of that inning without any more damage thanks to a nice catch in CF by Michael Bourn, a pop out  from former Diamondback Didi Gregorious, and a strikeout of Chad Green.

Of course, the next batter faced by Ray was Jacoby Ellsbury who hit a triple but then Nick Ahmed decided to hit him in the head with a relay throw and Ellsbury was awarded home plate. That made it 2-2. Ray retired the next three with some ease, but things were looking iffy. And when things look iffy, but you have two runners on and nobody out, you go to Jake Lamb. And if Jake Lamb is up on a game I'm recapping, he's gonna hit a dinger in that situation. That made it 5-2 and the proverbial floodgates opened, in a way suited for proverbs.

Yasmany Tomas followed that with a double and that chased Green from the game, and in came Nick Goody who was more like Nick Baddy. Tomas scored on a Chris Hermann sac-fly. Nick Ahmed, taking advantage of the "Snakepit Article Crictical of his Performance" bump, hit a double, and then Ray got him in with a single to bring it to 7-2 when the dust cleared in the 5th. Another run came in the 6th, as a bases loaded walk to Chris Hermann by something called Conor Mulee made it 8-2.

Ray went 7 innings, allowing 6 hits and 2 ER with 6 Ks. More importantly, he only walked one, intentionally at that, which has been a bugaboo for him.

Good guys added another run in the 7th on a bases-loaded double play by Goldschmidt. against a recently reanimated Phil Coke. We went all DJ Khaled and got Another One when Nick Ahmed doubled home Hermann in the 8th to make it 10-2. Segura added a two-run triple to make it 12-2. Randall Delgado mopped it up and the Diamondbacks got their first win of the month of May in a retractable roof stadium.

Source: FanGraphs

Good!: Lamb, +24.2%
Less Good, but on a really good curve: Ahmed, -5.6%

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Tomorrow is the rubber game, Zack Greinke against Michael Pineda.

"But wait, tomorrow is game two?"

Oh, *you* trust Shelby Miller at home?