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Snakebytes 5/16: New York Hates Us Edition

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So far this year, it has felt the replay office in New York has gone out of it's way to make calls against the Diamondbacks.

Diamondback News

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS BEAT ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS FOR SWEEP - I kinda feel bad for Rubby.  He pitched a hell of a game.

Another bad day for the Arizona Diamondbacks' offense - Indeed, this does feel like a series that was lost mostly by lack of offense.   Peavy and Cain both had ERA's close or above 7 coming into this series, and both escaped with lower ERA's when they walked off the mound.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Another Year of Disappointment? - It sure doesn't feel like the team we expected this year.  Even if you were predicting them to not win the division, I don't think anyone was prediction this kind of despair.

Diamondbacks put David Peralta on DL, call up Michael Bourn - In case you missed it.

NEW YORK AT ARIZONA Preview - This feels like another overly hyped series by the Front Office to try and help pay for Greinke's salary.

Related - If I were a betting man, I'd bet all challenges will go the Yankee's way in this one.

History made: Arizona Diamondbacks C Chris Herrmann starts in center field - Oh good, our lack of depth in the outfield has now reached historic proportions.

Paul Goldschmidt deserves blame for D-backs’ slow start - He's not saying all blame, but yeah, probably a portion of it.

D'Backs, Aces extend player development contract through 2018 - Huh, I didn't even realize this was coming up.  Only a 2 year agreement?  Seems a little short.

Other News

Blue Jays, Rangers put up their dukes - My wife thought the "All Star" tussle between the DBacks and Dodgers was worse than this one.  I can't say I agree.

Watch Rougned Odor Punch José Bautista In Extreme Slow Motion - This was brutal.  Odor may find himself lacking a team to play for in the very near future.

And this also happened yesterday.