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Diamondbacks 1, Giants 2

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Rubby De La Rosa allowed one hit over 6.2 innings, but the D-backs offense proved utterly futile, and the Giants completed a matching four-game sweep here, as we swept them in their ballpark earlier in the season.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Rubby De La Rosa continues to look like more and more the real thing. The only hit he allowed over his 6.2 innings over work this afternoon, was a solo home-run to Trevor Brown with one out in the third inning. Otherwise, De La Rosa was very solid, striking out seven batters - he did walk four, but that included the final two he faced, when Rubby was clearly gassed. He finished the day at 101 pitches. Tyler Clippard came in and cleaned up the inherited runners, and Daniel Hudson had a good bounceback outing, but another Brad Ziegler wobble in a non-save situation, saw San Francisco go ahead on three hits in the ninth.

Meanwhile, the D-backs offense was utterly feeble again, particularly with runners in scoring position where Arizona were 0-for-6, and also hit into four double-plays. We wasted a couple of great chances, Jean Segura and Rickie Weeks Jr ending innings by hitting into twin killings with runners on the corner. The latter ended the game, albeit only after a review; Weeks was originally called safe at first, but there were questions all over the place. The umpires even initially got the call wrong after the review. Brandon Drury had half of the D-backs' eight hits, and center-fielder (!) Chris Herrmann reached base twice, on a hit and a walk.

Preston will be along with the full recap shortly. Lots to talk about here, to be sure...