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David Peralta to disabled list, Michael Bourn called up

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Probably not a surprise, considering Peralta has missed a week already, but the Diamondbacks have put Peralta on the DL for his limb issues, and called up Michael Bourn.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Peralta hasn't appeared in a game since last Sunday, and has been struggling with wrist issues ever since being hit twice in the area during the last series against the San Francisco Giants. As recently as Thursday, the team was stating they did not think any time on the disabled list would be needed, Chip Hale saying. "We’re not going to make any move. We feel like he can still help us off the bench right now. … The swelling and blood has gotten down toward the wrist and it’s been uncomfortable for him. But the progression has been pretty good since we sat him down."

However, the issue still appears problematic, and with the team already being a man short on the bench, thanks to carrying an extra bullpen arm, and having lost four games in a row, the last three at home while scoring a total of six runs at home, the pressure on the Diamondbacks became too much. John Gambadoro was the first to report the move, but as usual, we hold back until having this official confirmation:

Michael Bourn was signed by the Diamondbacks on May 10, apparently in part due to increasing concern about Peralta's injury. Bourn had already been cut by the Braves and Blue Jays this season, so I wouldn't exactly be expecting too much. Last year, he hit .238/.310/.282 between Cleveland and Atlanta. Just a shame it's not 2010, when Bourn was an All-Star, and Rickie Weeks had a 123 OPS+ for the Brewers. Alas, it's 2016. If you'd said at the start of spring training, that by mid-May our OF would include those two... I think I just made myself sad.