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SnakeBytes 5/14: Big Innings

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The Diamondbacks lost again last night, victim of another big inning (this one not quite as big as some, but still, the Giants scored all their runs in one inning.) The Diamondbacks also seem to need a big inning in order to win, but haven't had one in several games.

Miller on the basepaths, where he has enjoyed far more success this year than on the mound. Next starting LF?
Miller on the basepaths, where he has enjoyed far more success this year than on the mound. Next starting LF?
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

You know, looking backward never helped anyone, right? You want some recaps? OK, but read at your own risk.

Giants Ride Shark, Panik, to Win Over Diamondbacks
I really can't stand Joe Panik.

Miller Left Frustrated Again Despite Five Strong Innings
Look, it really wasn't Miller's fault. He's the only reason the Diamondbacks even scored a run. Still, he wasn't good, and whenever he pitches a sense of impending doom hangs over the whole team.

D-backs Cannot Overcome Miller's One Mistake
I mean, it's like the bats have decided not to bother even showing up for Greinke/Miller starts, knowing the chances of outscoring the opposition is extremely small.

Other Diamondbacks News

Chip Hale Says No Excuses for D-backs Slow Start
Not that we'll see it turn around any. I'd love it if I could be absolutely horrible at my job and make millions. Since some of these guys are making more per game than some of us will make our entire careers (plus, I'm sure they don't have student loans!) I'm finding it really hard to feel sorry for them. So I'm glad he isn't making excuses. I sure wouldn't want to hear them.

D-backs Dedicate Softball Field to Putz Family

Around Baseball

Max Scherzer and the Quality of 20 Strikeout Competition

Matt Bush Ends 12 Year Trek to the Big Leagues

Rockies' Reyes Suspended Through May 31
And the Rockies try frantically to find a trade partner before then.

Chris Sale Wins 8th Straight Start
Furthermore, he joined Pedro Martinez and Fernando Valenzuela as the only pitchers to win their first 8 with a sub-2 ERA. Sale is the first pitcher since Brandon Webb to win his first 8 starts. Webb won his first 9 in 2008.

Looking Ahead

Believe it or not, there is still a chance to salvage a split of this series. And we have our two best starters (by ERA and WHIP) going in these games, including our undisputed best starter on the year, Rubby De La Rosa (Sentences I never thought I'd type in 2016 for $400, Alex).

Peavy, Corbin Look to Reverse Slow Starts
But despite being the second-best starter, he hasn't been very good. That needs to change, and the bats need to get better, fast, against Jake Peavy and his Shelby Miller-level 8.47 ERA.