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Your Saturday Sporcle: Putting the K's in DiamondbacKs

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Following up on Preston's piece on Wednesday, and in honor of former D-back Max Scherzer fanning 20 against the Tigers, how many of the top Arizona strikeout artists can you name?

Harry How/Getty Images

The list below contains all Diamondbacks who fanned 200 or more in their time with the club. Obviously, it's a list that is skewed heavily towards starting pitchers, simply on the basis of them throwing more innings than anyone else, but there are a good sprinkling of relievers in there too. Hint: maybe think long-term ones, not necessarily those with monstrous strikeout rates, as longevity tends to trump velocity here. Stats exclude last night's game against the Giants, because I'm actually out for the day - Mrs. SnakePit and I are off to the Mad Monster Party at Fort McDowell! - so this post is being written and scheduled on Friday.

Shouldn't make too much difference, I think: Shelby Miller is quite some way short of making it, and it would take something fairly special for most of those listed who are with the club to move up the chart. Though we should see Rubby De La Rosa join the club by the end of next week, all being well, as he currently sits just outside the list, with 188 strikeouts. Robbie Ray (160) isn't far behind. But this one is relatively easy: I'd imagine any hardcore fan should be able to get at least 20 names on the list in the allotted time. As usual, last names only are fine.

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