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Diamondbacks 2, Giants 4: Another home loss

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Who do we have to pay to get a home win?

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Record: 17-20. Pace: 74-88. Change over last year: +1.

Another home game, another home loss. After tonight's game, that puts the Diamondbacks at a pathetic 5-13 at home for the year. It's probably just bad luck and small sample size, but it isn't making me want to risk going to a game.

The Diamondbacks got to Johnny Cueto early, getting a run in the first inning off 3 singles from Segura, Drury, and Lamb. The early good vibes weren't to last, however, with the Diamondbacks their lead until the 4th, when the Giants would score 2 runs to take the lead for good.

The Giants used their patented small ball to get the lead, rapping three straight singles from Duffy, Posey, and Belt, the last one scoring a runner. A fielder's choice from Hunter Pence plated the second run, and that would essentially be the ballgame.

Of course, there was still more to be played, with the Giants tagging Zack Grienke with two more runs in the 5th. Denard Span led of the top of the inning with a single, who was brought home on a Joe Panik 2 run homer.

The Diamondbacks would threaten to win in the bottom of the 9th, down 4-2. A Phil Gosselin double and Jean Segura single put runners on the corners for Goldschmidt. Goldy already was batting 0-4 for the evening, but he drew a walk this time to load the bases and set the stage for Jake Lamb. Our young thirdbaseman wouldn't come through, though, hitting a weak grounder to second to end the game.

Grienke didn't have a disaster start, but it definitely wasn't great. His final line was 6 innings pitched, 4 runs allowed on 8 hits and 3 walks. At some point he's going to need to morph into the lockdown pitcher the Diamondbacks hoped they signed, otherwise this will be a long season.

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90s Alternative Music: Jean Segura (13%)

90s Revivalism: Zack Grienke (-18.5%)

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Tomorrow night the Diamondbacks are back it again against the Giants. First pitch is at 6:40pm.