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The Uniform Tracker - May

The Diamondbacks have Joined The Evolution(TM), but which evolution should be more joined than others? That sentence makes sense.

Which uniform has been the best for the D-Backs winning percent- Yeah fine it's this one, spoilers
Which uniform has been the best for the D-Backs winning percent- Yeah fine it's this one, spoilers
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Diamondbacks have more uniform combinations than most teams. We can go into why this is or isn't a good thing or curse the heavens or blah blah, but myriad uniform combinations worn throughout a season gave me an idea at the start: Track the team record for each uniform combination throughout the season, and see if there's any correlation. There probably isn't, obviously, but it's fun. Here, individually, are the records of each uniform combination used so far (as of last night's game)

Locale/Jersey Pattern or Color/Hat Color Wins Losses
Home/Snake/Black 1 1
Away/Snake/Black 5 2
Home/Teal/Black 3 3
Away/Teal/Black 3 2
Home/Snake/Red 0 2
Home/Red/Black 0 2
Home/Red/Red 0 1
Home/Black/Black 1 2
Away/Red/Black 2 3
Throwback Thursdays 1 2
Other (Holiday Specials) 1 0

(Obviously "Teal" in this case means the teal outline not an actual teal top like the San Jose Sharks or something, go do something better with your time.)

From first glance, you notice the away uniforms do better because, obviously, to this point in the season the Diamondbacks have played better on the road. Could that be a pitching staff doing better outside of the launching pad of Chase Field? Probably, but I prefer to think that the Gunmetal Gray (Or whatever the official name is, if Sedona Red was a thing before, it's probably "Glendale Alley Gray") steels them to play better. This is further enhanced by the Red tops for away games being under .500.

You may recall for the first few weeks of the season that the only times the Diamondbacks won were wearing the Teal unis, that even people not using knockoff excel spreadsheets would notice. However, the sheen has worn off some, as the home and away variant are combined a game over .500. You would be right in pointing out that's still better than the team as a whole so far, but it's fallen off a bit since its early surge.

Wearing the Sedona Red hat has spelled doom for the Diamondbacks, as they have yet to win any game doffing that cap.

What should the Diamondbacks do going forward, Clothes/Hat wise, to maximize wins in your opinion?