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Dbacks 5, Rockies 1: Coors Field? No Problem!

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The Diamondbacks looked to continue their streak of winning baseball tonight behind Rubby de la Rosa against the Rockies, in Denver.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

If you had told me tonight was going to be a pitcher's duel, I probably would have laughed in your face. That's what it turned out to be, though. We definitely got Good Rubby tonight, and Chris Rusin did not live up to his plus-5 ERA in Coors Field. Both pitchers shut down the offenses through the first five innings, and the chances were few and far between when they did appear.

One wasted chances that looked like it would be big for the Dbacks came in the top of the fourth inning. Yasmany Tomas hit a one out double, and should have been moved to third on a Chris Owings single. However, once again, Matt Williams proved he should be no where near a third base coaching box. He sent Tomas who was gunned down at the plate. This is my unsurprised face. The Diamondbacks did try to challenge on the grounds that Tony Wolters illegally blocked the plate. The call on the field was upheld, giving the Dbacks their second out. The rest of the inning was quiet after that.

The pitcher's duel came to an abrupt end in the sixth when Rusin remembered that he was pitching at Coors. Wellington Castillo lead the inning off with a double. Lamb continued to struggle against lefties, but did move Beef to third with only one out. Rusin simultaneously gave Tomas some respect and disrespect to Owings by giving Tomas an intentional pass. Owings did exactly what he needed to in that situation and hit the second double of the inning, knocking in Castillo and replacing him at third with Tomas. Nick Ahmed kept the hit bus going and single Tomas home, and once again putting a replacement runner at third in Owings. That brought up de la Rosa. He dropped down a perfect bunt, and Owings got a perfect jump to make it home. Rubby was thrown out at first and Ahmed went to second. Jean Segura then brought him home with a single. That was it, since Segura then was thrown out trying to steal, but hard to be upset with a four run inning. 4-0 Dbacks.

Meanwhile Rubby was looking great on the mound. He held the Rockies scoreless through seven, no walks and only three hits, never in the same inning either. Its one of those starts where you can't say enough, but he was just so efficient, there is very little to say at the same time.

The Dbacks were able to add another insurance run in the seventh. It came courtesy of Paul Goldschmidt. He launched a home run, that while it was just a blip on the box score, hopefully foreshadows bigger things to come. He seems to be hitting  the ball with more authority. If he is starting to go back to his hitting ways again, look out NL West. Between that and the improved pitching we've seen, this team could be in for a drastic change of appearances...

Rubby was allowed to go out for the eighth inning, and while that might of been a mistake, it didn't really hurt them in the end. He did allow a walk and multiple baserunners for the first time in the game and let a run score on a wild pitch. After a bit of confusion where Hale tried to pull him when he couldn't, Rubby got one more out and then was pulled for Hudson. He ended the inning pretty easily, and that was it for the Rockies. Final score 5-1 Diamondbacks.

Source: FanGraphs

Indominus Rex- Rubby de la Rosa, 34.9%

Dinger: Jake Lamb, -8.4%

Got to give CotN to since_98 for this comment he posted right before the Rubby's sixth inning safety squeeze...

dont think ruby has the reliable bunt for a squeeze            

Gotta love a bit of reverse psychology, right? Anyway, 592 comments tonight in the GDT, with MichaelMcD831993 being the only one to break triple digits. 36 people were present and all those were:

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Join us again tomorrow for a day game, as the Dbacks try to finish off a series sweep of the Rockies in Coors. Would be nice to see us take their lunch money at their home for a change...