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Snake Bytes, 5/10: Sirens of the Lambs edition

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Jake Lamb had a three-run homer and was inches from another bomb, driving in four as the D-backs moved to within one game of the lead in the NL West last night, beating the Rockies 10-5.

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[AZ Central] Jake Lamb’s heady hitting helps D-Backs top Rockies Lamb said Chatwood has pounded him inside with fastballs and cutters all season, something pitchers have done to him with regularity during his time in the big leagues. He thinks he tried too hard last season to prove he could hit that pitch, getting himself out too often by swinging. He prefers pitches over the middle of the plate or away, likes to shoot balls into the left-center field gap. But he knows it’s in his best interest to look inside from time to time, which was why he was sitting on an inside fastball when he came to the plate with two runners on in the fifth.

[Arizona Sports] Archie Bradley escapes multiple jams for first win in 2016 - It wasn’t pretty, but Archie Bradley got the job done Monday against the Colorado Rockies in a 10-5 Arizona Diamondbacks’ win. "Besides the fourth inning, which was kind of self-imposed on my part, I feel like I was able to limit the damage when I was given some tough hands," Bradley said. "And you can’t say enough about the offense tonight. They picked me up and was able to kind of ride it out those last two innings, so it was all-around a good team win."

[AP] Diamondbacks' bats break out to back Archie Bradley - Bradley last faced Colorado in the regular season on April 28, 2015. Carlos Gonzalez fractured his right sinus with a line drive that day, and when he came to bat in the first inning Bradley wasn't thinking about that scary moment, he was trying to get out of an early jam. "It was just, 'Don't let him score, don't let him get on base and get him out as quick as you can,'" he said. Bradley fanned Gonzalez with no outs and a runner on second. "It's more (the media) and my friends and family that ask me about that," Bradley said. "To me it's another batter and another guy for me to try to get out."

[] Arizona big fifth inning sinks Rockies - The D-backs fifth inning started off innocently enough with Ahmed grounding out and Bradley striking out. The mood shifted, though, with Segura's homer and then the hits just kept coming as Chatwood was unable to stop the bleeding. "A lot of good at-bats," Hale said. "Jean had a lot of good at-bats, Herrmann with the triple. So real proud of the guys they battled. It wasn't our best defensive day, but in this ballpark even groundballs are tough in this altitude."

Team news

[AZ Central] Theories abound on Paul Goldschmidt’s struggles - Hale again talked about the idea of Goldschmidt becoming more aggressive, the second time this road trip he’s mentioned it. And while Hale said Goldschmidt is willing to make any adjustments necessary, Goldschmidt seemed to dismiss the idea of swinging more often. "I’ve felt fine," Goldschmidt said when asked about being more aggressive. "I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. I know it sounds good to be more aggressive or patient or things like that, but pitchers have the ball and you can only do what they give you the opportunity to do. They’re kind of in control out there, and you’re kind of at their mercy."

[] Goldschmidt struggling at plate - Goldschmidt's approach is to always look to get better and make adjustments on a daily basis regardless of whether he's hitting .220 or his more typical .320. "That's regardless of the results," Goldschmidt said. "You can go out there and get two hits but maybe they weren't good swings and I found some holes out there, let's try to keep working. Or days you are maybe 0-for but you had a couple of line drives and maybe the pitcher made some good pitches."

[Fox Sports Arizona] Stewart surprised but not concerned by Goldy's struggles, knew Miller would come around. Hmm, maybe wait and see how he does against an offense that would struggle in Double-A first? Just a thought.

[AZ Central] Stewart unlikely to pursue Tim Lincecum - Dave Stewart said he touched base with Watson not long after the workout, and Stewart didn’t get the impression his people were blown away by what they saw. Lincecum, a two-time Cy Young Award winner, reportedly was sitting in 88-91 mph range during the session. "I’ll get a little bit more detail from De Jon when we get back about how he really threw," Stewart said. "He called, but he didn’t call me saying, ‘You’ve got to get this guy.’ I don’t see us going any steps further."

[FanGraphs] Diagnosing Shelby Miller’s Troubles - Miller’s four-seamer, even without last year’s velocity, is probably a better pitch than his two-seamer. He can get more whiffs, and he has used more changes this year, which is another pitch that could get more whiffs. A Shelby Miller with his old fastball and new good split-change could be a great pitcher. Unfortunately, his arsenal is not complying and he has devolved into something less than good.

[Arizona Sports] D-backs Farm Report: Rudy Flores swinging a red-hot bat - The Rawhide absolutely crushed the baseball last week, hitting .318 as a team, scoring 63 runs and knocking 12 balls out of the yard. Visalia had three games in which they scored 10 or more runs, including a season-high 19 in Sunday’s rout of Lancaster. Souvenirs for everyone: The ‘Hide had four players with multiple home runs last week. First baseman Rudy Flores had three, bringing his season total to nine, which is second in the California League.

And if you were wondering, there was only one minor-league game last night, so that recap will be rolled into tonight's one!

[FOX Sports] Nick Ahmed's defense outweighs offensive struggles for Diamondbacks - Ahmed leads the National League with a 1.0 defensive WAR, which is tied for second in the majors. He had a 2.8 dWAR last season. During the team's last homestand, manager Chip Hale was asked about Ahmed's dipping batting average -- which sits at .168 as the D-backs open a three-game series in Colorado on Monday. Hale answered that what Ahmed provided on defense at a premium position outweighed his current offensive struggles.

[KTAR] New Arizona Diamondbacks license plates revealed - The new plates cost $50 for a personalized plate and $25 if it’s non-personalized. If you have one of the old D-back license plates, you can upgrade to a new one for just $5. But if you do the upgrade, Harding said there’s something that you need to keep in mind. "If you have a personalized D-backs plate with the old design, and it took up all 7 characters, I can’t transfer that to the new design, because there’s only 6 characters available," Harding said. You can do the upgrade, but you have to go through the entire process again because of that lack of one character.

And, elsewhere...

[FOX Sports] Following Bartolo Colon homer, what is baseball's next unlikely first? - Most plate appearances without a home run (fielder): Christian Colon. Must be something about the name. The Kansas City Royals' reserve infielder has 201 career plate appearances without a home run. It's the most among current big leaguers, but not tops among all active players, as four current farmhands have more big league PAs without a homer. As for Colon, he has 38 career minor-league home runs, so the power is there. We just haven't seen it yet.

[Big League Stew] 'A League of Their Own' cast members reunite for baseball game - On Sunday, the Bentonville Film Festival played host to the second annual "A League of Their Own" reunion softball game, and it was just as glorious as you'd imagine. Six cast members from the 1992 film came to reunite and take part in the game, including Tracy Reiner, Anne Ramsay and Geena Davis The cast weren't the only ones who came out to play. Gina Casey, who actually played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) in the 1950s (and is in the front row of the photo above), threw out the first pitch.

[CBSSports] Bryce Harper drops F-bomb on umpire after ejection, walk-off win - Clint Robinson hit a walk-off home run on Monday night to give the Nationals a 5-4 win over the Tigers. He was not the story of the game, or even the play, however. That distinction instead belonged to Bryce Harper (duh), who paused before celebrating to utter a few choices words to the umpire: Harper had been ejected earlier in the inning -- just before Robinson's home run -- for arguing balls and strikes. Needless to say, he hadn't forgotten about the supposed injustice. But... But... He's not a dick, he's just "making baseball fun again", bro'!

[NESN] Japanese Baseball Game Interrupted By Mysterious Flying Fish Incident - In the sixth inning of a Nippon Professional Baseball game between the Hanshin Tigers and the Tokyo Yakult Swallows in western Japan, the players were minding their own business when a half-eaten fish suddenly fell from the sky. The fish landed near Swallows left fielder Wladimir Balentien, who unsurprisingly reported, via the Wall Street Journal, that its smell was "unbearable." Balentien had good reason to carp, and umpires delayed the game as a poor bat boy was sent to the outfield to clean up the odd obstacle. Randall Delgado nods in empathy...