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Diamondbacks 10, Rockies 5: Lambing the Rockies' Inbox

Jake Lamb had himself a night, and Archie Bradley did what he had to do in a spot start, as the Diamondbacks finally beat the Rockies at something.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Archie Bradley took another spot start today, and unlike last time he went an acceptable amount as the Diamondbacks took the first game of the series. Here's how they got there.

Jean Segura, who I was told is bad and doesn't have a hit tool, hit a double to leadoff the ballgame. He made it to third on an aggressive piece of baserunning on a grounder to third on the next at-bat, when Nolan Arenado, who I'm told is good at fielding, hesitated and instead of taking the sure out at first, tried to flip to third with Tyler Chatwood late to cover. Everyone involved was safe. Paul Goldschmidt ended a 10 game RBIless streak with a sac-fly to make it 1-0 Diamondbacks.

Things looked iffy for Bradley to start off the game, Charlie Blackmon singled to lead off the game, and Diet Pepsi Tulo Trevor Story hit a double that scored him. It looked like it could be a big inning, but to Bradley's credit he was able to pitch his way out of it with no further damage. He also had a teetering inning in the 2nd, but Nick Ahmed's error infield hit allowed and Jean Segura's error extended it so much that it lead to a bases-loaded two out situation for Story. He struck out though so I guess we all learned something about ourselves.

In the 4th, Bradley gave up a double and walked the bases loaded, including a pitcher who was trying to sacrifice, and gave up a Sac-Fly to Blackmon to make it 2-1 Rockies. Trevor Story then doubled home two more runners to make it 4-1, but he was caught trying to take third so the bleeding stopped there.

Jean Segura, who again has the hitting ability of an AL pitcher from what I was told, hit a solo shot the next half-frame to make it 4-2. Brandon Drury walked and Paul Goldschmidt got a single and the lead us to Jake Lamb just knocking the absolute crap out of the ball to retake the lead 5-4.

Not to be outdone, Welington Castillo hit a bloop double and Chris Hermann knocked in a triple to make it 6-4. Although a double isn't as much as a homer so he was outdone, sorry Welington.

Bradley made it through 6 IP with the 4 earned runs and he struck out more than he walked! Progress!

Scott Oberg is a relief pitcher for the Rockies in 2016, and he walked the first batters he faced in the 7th and then Welington Castillo had a bloop single that scored a run to make it 7-4 Diamondbacks. Chris Owings scalded a ball past a diving Mark Reynolds to score another run to bring the score 8-4 good people.

Gerardo Parra tried to steal a base in the 8th and was caught. Don't know anything about that nosiree.

Paul Goldschmidt had a rare for 2016 double in the top of the 9th, and was brought home by a triple by Lamb to bring the scoring to 9-4. Castillo hit a sac fly and it was 10-4 little buddy. '

Tyler Clippard pitched a scoreless, if a little squiffy, 8th inning, and Randall Delgado pitched a 9th where a run scored but eh he closed it out. The Diamondbacks have won four straight games, which is nice

Source: FanGraphs
Master of his Domain: Lamb, +35.5%
God-Emperor of Suck: Nick Ahmed, -9.1%

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Rubby De La Rosa takes the mound tomorrow as a return to rotation normalcy.