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SnakeBytes 4/9: Very Useful Engine Edition

Despite looking like things were going to follow a similar pattern to the first four games, Robbie Ray settled down, Yasmany Tomas got a big hit, and the Diamondbacks came away with the victory. That and other news in this edition of SnakeBytes

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It Happened Last Night

Yas They Can: D-backs Hand Cubs First Loss

Yasmany Tomas Hits Walk-off, Gives D-backs 3-2 Win Over Cubs

Cubs Don't Walk Goldschmidt, Then Diamondbacks Walk-off on Cubs

Recap from the Chicago Sun-Times, in which David Ross makes the wise point that the guy behind Goldschmidt has been hotter than Goldschmidt. Lineup protection, y'all!

Hale Revels in D-backs Compete Level

Other Diamondbacks News

D-backs Hope De La Rosa Listens to Pedro

Martinez, that is. The Hall of Fame hurler certainly had some opinions about Rubby De La Rosa on Twitter during Thursday night's start.

After 10 Years, Matt Buschmann Reaches Majors

Matt Buschmann's Yellow Brick Road

From the sadly-no-longer-in-existence Grantland, comes this profile of our newest bullpen member, and his lengthy journey from being David Price's roommate at Vanderbilt to constantly just missing the Major Leagues. He's here now.

What Baseball Might Look Like in the Year 2045

What does this have to do with anything? Written by Buschmann himself, in August last year. Some interesting takes on robot umps and other possible changes in the game. When he's done with baseball, it seems Buschmann has a decent shot at following his wife into the wild world of the media.

David Peralta Adds Another Energy Play to His Collection

Jack Magruder details the incredible double play last night, possible because of the energy (and smarts) of David Peralta.

Around Baseball

Slide Rule Ends Astros-Brewers Game

Unlike Jose Bautista's slide the other day (which would have been illegal pretty much any time throughout baseball history, as grabbing the ankle of the opponent is generally considered illegal according to rules both written and unwritten, the Astros do seem to have a legitimate gripe here. This illustrates the clarifying rule that needs to be made, just like all of the bogus out calls when throws beat the runner by 20 feet on the stupid Buster Posey rule.

Rockies' Trevor Story on Pace for 243 Home Runs

In which the Story remains the same against the Padres.

Paul Goldschmidt, Anthony Rizzo Cut From Same Cloth

And they both wear #44!

Dave Roberts Was Absolutely Right to Pull Ross Stripling

And, per Andy McCullough on Twitter, Stripling himself agreed with the decision. Mark Mulder got to play the role of crotchety old man.

It Happens Tonight

Zack Greinke makes his second start of the season, to substantially less fanfare than the first, facing the Cubs and Kyle Hendricks. It's an early start, mercifully to those of us in the Eastern half of the country, at 5:10 Arizona time.