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Diamondbacks 2, Cubs 4: Beercap of Doom's to hoping the D-backs get woken up.....

David Becker/Getty Images

Record: 2-4. Pace: 54-108. Change on 2015: -1. we go again.   Ughhhhhhhh

Beer 1:  Ballast Point Brewing Co. Grapefruit IPA
  • Seriously, if you've never had an IPA then you'll love this.  Grapefruit, or really any citrusy flavor, goes quite well with an IPA.  Quite well indeed.
  • So much for our much improved pitching staff.  0-2 Cubs and our savior Grienke has been reading from the Book of Fail yet again
  • There was a time, a time undreamed of, where Grienke was seen as a savior.  Still early, but I'm beginning to get pissed off.  0-3 Cubs......
  • Goldy, he of the RBI, what must we do to appease him?  Apparently he is displeased with us.....0-3 after the 1st.
  • Still not looking good in the 2nd..what the heck is up with Greinke?  He gets out of the 2nd with no blood, but only out of the grace of God
  • Whelp.....we're *&%$'ed.  0-3 after the 2nd.   Game over man.  Small sample size, but this team is pissing me off.
  • I need more beer.....and pizza.  Pizza will help. 
  • Pizza does indeed help my frame of mind......but not the D-backs offense.  Still 0-3 after the 3rd.  Thank God for beer...
  • Praise be to God  (Goldy?) for good Pizza.  I feel better... just not about this game.  Case in point: Cubs get an RBI double to make it 0-4.  Ughhhhh.  Luckily I have lots of beer
  • More beer!!!! D-backs get on the board thanks to a wild pitch 4-1 now .....and then Tomas strikes out.
Beer 2:  Enjoy by 4/20/16 by Stone Brewing Co.
  • Goldy, first of his name, leader of the armies of the north, saves that hit from turning in to a singer.  Still losing, but I'll take that silver lining however I can get it.
  • I needed this IPA, makes me forget all the hype the team got prior to the season actually beginning.  Still 1-4 Cubs in the top of the 6th, but I can't help but feel negative....
  • Bottom of the 6th makes me feel little better.  Still 1-4 and I'm already planning my next beer.......
  • Chafin's in now, and I still can't believe how God awful our pitching has been thus far.
  • Finally.  A pulse.  Drury drills a double to the left field corner and we're now in a 2-4 game in the bottom of the 7th.

[Editor's note: at this point communication with our beercapper was all but lost, with the final message the following text:

I was actually pleasantly surprised, having opening up the editor expecting to find the recap version of a Gwar concert. I've certainly written worse, and the above largely captured both the spirit and important aspects of a game which seemed a lost cause after Zack Greinke conceded three runs before we sent anyone to the plate. About the only point of interest not covered, is probably Rubby De La Rosa's bullpen appearance in the eighth - his first as a Diamondback. However, in the post-game media session, manager Chip Hale seemed to indicate this was planned to coincide with Rubby's scheduled day to throw on the side, and he's still on track to make his next start.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Deadpool: Brandon Drury, +9.5%
The Walking Dead: Zack Greinke, -16.3%
The Dead Zone: Segura, -10.8%; Goldschmidt, -10.4%

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Comment of the night to SedonaRed24, for his sardonic comment on Greinke's pay-rate: Or maybe it was the picture of the wine which got all the recs - it seems particularly appropriate for a beercap!

Series finale tomorrow afternoon at Chase, with Shelby Miller also seeking to improve, but with a tough draw, up against the Cubs' ace, Jake Arrieta.