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Arizona Diamondbacks roster move: Kyle Drabek down, Matt Buschmann up

The bullpen churn continues.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Drabek's stay proves a short one: a single appearance, the team deciding that four walks in two innings is not the reliever they are looking for. With another short starter outing - that's now 15.2 outings of work after only four games - another fresh arm is needed, and there's an interesting selection in Matt Buschmann. The "better" options are still limited by the 10-day rule, which means that a player, once optioned to the minors, cannot be called up again until 10 days have passed, except in the case of injury. That rules out the likes of Evan Marshall and Enrique Burgos, though the team does perhaps want to go with someone who can throw multiple innings.

Which would be Buschmann, who has just begun his eleventh year in the minor leagues, having thrown 1,326.2 innings there and struck out 1,098 batters, without ever getting to throw in the majors. Grantland did a great story about him last August, where he said, "It gets to the point where you wonder if there’s a Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, pulling levers to make sure I never get called up." Well, maybe the Wizard has taken the day off? Buschmann has been a starter virtually the entirety of his career, with 215 out of 282 appearances, including 23 of 23 last season, putting up a 4.14 ERA over 134.2 innings between the Rays, Reds and Orioles organizations.

Clearly, he's intended for a long relief role, in the event that a Diamondbacks' starter is forced out of the game quickly. While that generally would be a bad thing, I have to admit to be pulling somewhat for Buschmann finally to get his moment in the sun, proving the value of perseverance in the pursuit of your dream, even as he makes his debut at the age of 32. Assuming he gets the chance, he'll be the oldest "rookie" pitcher ever to debut for the D-backs - discounting position players like Mark Grace anyway! The current record-holder is Stephen Randolph, who was about a month short of his 29th birthday when he reached the show in 2003.

So, here's to you, Mr. Buschmann. I sincerely hope we do not need your services this evening - but I probably would not be averse to you working the ninth inning with an eight-run Diamondbacks lead!

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