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Jean Segura hits 11th inside-the-park home-run in Diamondbacks history

It came in the second inning of tonight's game and gave the Diamondbacks a 4-2 lead.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

While Segura is certainly among the quicker Diamondbacks, he was helped as two Cubs outfielders collided as they were going for the ball. Kyle Schwarber seemed to take the brunt of the collision and was carried off on a cart, having apparently injured his ankle. Hopefully, it won't be a serious injury. It was also Segura's second home-run, as he had previously homered off John Lackey on the first pitch of the game.

Here are the other ten inside-the-park round-trippers in team history.

  1. Tony Womack 7/21/99 @ HOU
  2. Junior Spivey 6/9/02 @ BOS
  3. Luis Gonzalez 7/28/02 vs. SD
  4. Damian Miller 8/18/02 @ CHI
  5. Kelly Stinnett 8/29/05 @ SD
  6. Stephen Drew 4/5/10 vs. SD
  7. Gerardo Parra 6/9/10 vs. ATL
  8. Ryan Roberts 6/20/12 vs. SEA
  9. Justin Upton 8/25/12 vs. SD
  10. Phil Gosselin 10/1/15 vs. COL

The first was particularly memorable, as it was an inside-the-park grand slam. I guess the names on the list that stand out are #4 and #5, being catchers, and not ones exactly noted for their speed! I mean, you expect Parra or Womack to hit them - but Damian Miller? One suspect the circumstances were perhaps similar to the game tonight, with two outfielders interfering on their way to get the ball. Kinda impressive the D-backs have now had two in less than ten games, considering we went more than four years after Stinnett's one before it happened again.