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Silvino Bracho Optioned, Kyle Drabek called up

Silvino Bracho's Opening Day stint with the team this season was a short.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Bracho had a solid spring training, with a 2.45 ERA and striking out nine over 7.1 innings of work. Chip Hale said the reliever also had some "equity" based on his strong performance with the major-league club at the end of last season. However, that equity was sorely tasked after a lackluster performance last night, allowing the three-run homer to Nolan Arenado which, effectively, ended the game as a contest. He was charged with two hits, a walk and one earned run over 1.1 innings. With the bullpen working five frames, this may in part be a move to bring a fresh arm up, with that having been the first of seven games on consecutive days.

When he enters a game, this will be Drabek's seventh season, though with very limited playing time over the past three with the Blue Jays and White Sox, totaling only eight games and 10.2 innings of work. He gave up one run over seven spring innings, but with his K:BB a disturbing 0:6 - that's not a misprint - it feels something of a surprise to see him get the call-up, over the players who just missed out on a bullpen spot for Opening Day, such as Evan Marshall or Enrique Burgos. [As GuruB mentions, they were just optioned, so aren't eligible to be called back yet] He did throw four innings in his last spring appearance, which lends credence to the long-relief and/or mop-up theory.