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What to Expect from the Diamondbacks Prospects that Made the 25-Man Roster

Brandon Drury, Socrates Brito, Silvino Bracho, and Jake Barrett have all made the Diamondbacks roster.

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Four top prospects wound up making the Diamondbacks initial 25-man roster. Socrates Brito, Brandon Drury, Silvino Bracho, and Jake Barrett wound up making the cut with all of them performing well this Spring. Jake Barrett is the only one of this group that didn't have MLB experience coming into the season.

Brandon Drury (#2 prospect):

Drury is blocked at top two positions of 3B and 2B, but the team will be trying to get him ABs whenever they can which will now include the corner OF. Drury has a very good hit tool and solid power that will translate to 15-20 HR a season along with 40+ 2B. He's not at that particular stage, but he hit so well in Spring the team couldn't send him down. Drury obviously could match-up as a platoon partner in RF with David Peralta against certain LHP while spelling Yasmany Tomás in LF against certain RHP.

Being able to play multiple positions will be an asset for Drury to get consistent ABs without disrupting the playing time of the other players. Obviously he's not Ben Zobrist in this regard, but Drury's ability to play all 4 corner spots plus 2B could allow for the Diamondbacks to spell their main starters at the position without losing too much bat. Drury has a very high floor when it comes to his hit tool and if he can find a home in the starting lineup could turn into a solid starting utility player.

Socrates Brito (#3 prospect):

With no timetable on Pollock's return and my initial estimate that he'd be out until the All-Star break at the earliest, Brito will take up the lion's share of starts in CF. Chris Owings or someone else will occasionally spell him against LHP, but the job is his with virtually no strings attached. Brito is a player with great tools, but doesn't consistently tap into them yet. His game still has a too many empty swings, although that's a problem that can be corrected as he's posted fairly solid strikeout rates through the minors.

His abilities as a defender were already strong enough to be a defensive replacement in the corners late in the game like Ender Inciarte last year, although Inciarte was less volatile (wasn't ever really considered a top prospect) a prospect going up the system. Brito is more than capable of handling the defensive duties to man CF, although what will make or break his career is how well his bat progresses. There is a lot to like with him moving forward.

Silvino Bracho (#9 prospect):

Bracho is a guy who maximizes the stuff he has. He throws 92-94 with late cutting action that generates weak contact off the barrel and is very adept at missing bats with a 34% K rate last year. A lot of that has to do with his delivery, which hides the ball very well and makes it tough for the hitter to pick up. The radar gun only says 93 MPH, but it gets on hitters like a high 90s fastball. His ability to miss bats is an asset when you need someone to deliver a big out late in the game. Bracho profiles as a fly ball pitcher in the rare instance the batter does make contact and the weaker OF defense could hurt his numbers a bit.

Jake Barrett (#11 prospect):

Stuff is not an issue with Jake Barrett. He features a mid 90s fastball with a lot of life on it, a wipeout slider that falls off the table, and a very good 3rd pitch that doesn't get talked about enough. Barrett is mostly fastball-slider and with no MLB experience I imagine the team will ease him into the flow of things. Barrett's floor is as a set-up man but I think he has a legit shot to land the closer role should he prove himself this year. Command was a huge issue for him last year, which got him demoted from AAA to AA.

With a new pitching coach, Barrett was able to correct his mechanics and was dominant this Spring. Barrett was able to locate his fastball down in the zone and paint corners while setting up his filthy slider. In 11 1/3 IP, Barrett struck out 14 and walked 1 hitter which is likely why he made the cut over Enrique Burgos and Evan Marshall. Growing up in Phoenix and going to Arizona State, Barrett should quickly turn into a fan favorite if his career takes off.