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Snake Bytes 4/27: Miller Improving

Shelby Miller looked much more like the pitcher the Diamondbacks traded for as he cruised through the first four innings. Then the fifth inning happened.

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Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Miller Shelled in Fifth, Cardinals Tie Series

Shelby Miller made positive strides by cruising through the first four innings. However, the wheels came off in the fifth inning and his night was over after conceding a five-run fifth inning, exacerbated by a difficult but makeable missed play by center fielder Chris Owings.

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Peralta Embracing Leadership Role

"The energy is very infectious," Hale said of Peralta. "There's one guy on the team I can always go to when I feel like we're in a little bit of a lull in the dugout and nudge him and say, 'Hey let's go,' and he'll get everybody going."

Ahmed, Segura Form Stellar Defensive Duo

What happens when a slightly above average shortstop is forced to play second base because the best defensive shortstop in the league is on the team? The Diamondbacks are learning that the answer is "good things".

Diamondbacks' Offense Showing Signs of Spring

It's still too early to tell, but it is starting to look like the prolific offense that the Diamondbacks demonstrated during the spring might be finding its stride in the regular season.

Around MLB

The Braves' Woeful Season

It's not uncommon for folks around here to get a bit concerned when the offense tapers off for a spell. When that happens, it might help to realize just how much worse things could get. The Atlanta Braves are on pace for a record -low season wRC+ of 57. A team wRC+ lower than a struggling Nick Ahmed's.