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Diamondbacks Call Up Enrique Burgos from AAA Reno, Send Down Silvino Bracho to AAA

Diamondbacks make another move to shuffle the bullpen. The bullpen roster spots have literally been a game of musical chairs with this organization.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Diamondbacks made a move for their bullpen, calling up reliever Enrique Burgos and sending down Bracho. Bracho has struggled in both of his outings in the majors. Last night, Bracho's stuff looked flat and he had no command of it as he allowed 2 runs while getting only 1 out in the 7th inning. With two optional assignments, Bracho's first option year will be spent in 2016. Barring injuries, I would believe this stint in Reno is going to be a longer term than the first one.

Enrique Burgos pitched 5 games in Reno, allowing just one unearned run. In 5 innings, he struck out 5 and walked 4 while holding opponent hitters to a .167 average (3 for 18) against him. Burgos is a pitcher who can generate strikeouts at the major league level, but has struggled with control throughout his professional career. In 2015, Burgos struck out 39 and walked 15 in 27 innings. This spring, Burgos added a split-finger fastball to use as a 3rd pitch that complements his mid 90s fastball and wipeout slider.

At the tail end of Spring, Bracho and Jake Barrett made the roster over Burgos and Evan Marshall. In a twist of irony, it's now Burgos and Marshall on the MLB roster, and it took less than 3 weeks to change that.