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SnakeBytes 4/23: An Unfortunate Homecoming

The Diamondbacks returned home to Chase Field last night, and gave up three more home runs. Their record at home is now 2-6. Reminder: it is early, and the Diamondbacks aren't the only team with struggles at home.

David Peralta hit a opposite field blast off Jon Niese in the second inning
David Peralta hit a opposite field blast off Jon Niese in the second inning
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Worst Home Records:
Oakland, 3-7 (7-0 on the road, tied for first place)
Seattle, 1-5 (7-3 on the road, 1.5 games back)
Arizona, 2-6 (7-3 on the road, 1.5 games back)

These are just the good teams, or supposed to be good teams. The Marlins are 2-7 and the Braves are 1-8 at home. So yes, it is disappointing, but the D-backs are neither alone nor anything like out of it.

Last Night

Pirates fan makes barehanded catch

Jordy Mercer hits longest home run of 2016, so far
Yep, it was bad last night. How bad? Mercer's home run would have been long gone in 30 MLB stadiums, assisted by the environment or not. And I think it also would have been gone in pre-1970s Yankee Stadium, too (although not in 1920s Yankee Stadium).

Home Runs Put Corbin, D-backs in Hole

Diamondbacks News

D-backs Could Opt to Skip Miller's Next Start

Tomas may be taking better routes, but he also struggled with the wall by the bullpen last night, leading to a run. Still, it's good to see some progress defensively in addition to his offensive progress this year.

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