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Pit Your Wits '16: Week 3

A close race last week, with several entries making the cut for the top three spots, and none of them breaking away from the pack in terms of rec's. Lets see how it all shook out!

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For last week's challenge, I asked you to compare the Dbacks to a movie or TV show. A lot of you guys responded, but not a ton of rec'ing going on, so it was very close this week. There was a clear winner, though, and that was preston.salsibury!

The Walking Dead

Because we woke up and realized we were in worse shape than we thought

Today we are making angst muffins

In second, we have a three-way tie between MrMrrbi, Oldenschoole, and thunderpumpkin87!

Definitely Breaking Bad

It starts off rough, and with some sporadic upticks, it just keeps getting worse.

Chip Hale could easily be in his underwear, outside a trailer in the high desert, howling at the moon before this season is over.

Baseball is the greatest game ever invented. Ever. Say Amen.
- Ernie Banks

Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World

Just a simple ship and friendly crew minding their own business when KABAM! from out the (Rockies) fog, the jolly ship (with so many unmet expectations from the Admiralty) was nearly blasted out of the water. For some unknown reason, the Admiralty thought the good ship worthy of taking on a clearly superior enemy. The ship was only able to get away (road trip) by making the players (er, um sailors) get into row boats and tow the badly damaged ship to another spot with a heavy marine layer (San Diego). Only after a period of necessary repairs and no small measure of Divine Providence did the good ship and it’s stout captain find that by deception and clever craft could it defeat it’s stronger enemy and bring home the prize.

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Started off with a disastrous crash… And a lot of chaos. Let’s just hope there’s no polar bears.

A little piece of me will always be missing, since Brandon Webb left us so soon :-(

Last but not least, in third place we have another tie, this time between dbacksbestever and freeland1787!


The beginning (offseason/spring) was all tits and ass but quickly became an eastern European nightmare of a hellhole as things got underway.

This one has to be like Star Wars Phantom Menace

Hyped up as heck, disappointing plot then you get the main action of the movie at the very end.

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Now let's take a peek at how the standings are shaping up after two weeks











For this week's contest, we're going oldie but goodie. See the picture at the top of the article? Give me a caption for it. Go!