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Double Thinkin' the D-backs: Shelby Miller

We're firing up Out of the Park 17 to try to outperform the real Diamondbacks. This week we ask if you'd want to replace Shelby Miller.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago I asked the community to pick a replacement for AJ Pollock, who had just gone down with injury. The thought was to talk the communally approved replacement, plug him into the AJ's spot in a baseball simulator, and see what happens. The results were not particularly close:


Socrates Brito, that man of logic, it is! I plugged him in, updated the lineup, and then simulated until this morning.

The good news is that my imaginary team is doing better than the real Diamondbacks, currently sitting at 10-5. The bad news for this series is that Brito has been pretty bad these past 2 weeks. No matter, we're going to keep rolling him out until Pollock is back.

Our emergency e-centerfielder is currently sitting at a slash of .150/.150/.350 with an OPS+ of 36 and one home run. We'll see if he can improve.

This week's roster decision has to do with starting pitching. I asked in the Gameday Thread last night who was disappointing people the most, and Shelby Miller was the resounding answer, though Goldy was also a popular pick.

Your task now is to select a possible replacement in his spot in the rotation.