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Dbacks 3, Giants 0

Except for about 2/3 of an inning, this game was dominated by the pitching. On the Dbacks side, Robbie Ray went six scoreless innings, only five hits, two walks, and eight strikeouts. The bullpen also did they're job with Chafin, Marshall, and Clippard keeping the Giants in check the rest of the way.

Cain had a no hitter through four innings, but it wasn't a pretty no hitter with four walks at the same time. The wheels completely came off in the fifth when he gave up five hits and three runs in just the aforementioned two thirds of an inning. That chased Cain from the game, but it was enough for the Dbacks, who would make those three runs stand, despite being pretty well shut down the rest of the game.

Can was handed the loss. Robbie Ray picked up the win, and Tyler Clippard got the save. Stay tuned to the Snakepit for the full recap shortly!