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SnakeBytes 4/2: Snake Bitten

Just as the long-awaited season was to begin, one of the worst possible things happened. Too bad Pollock doesn't play for one of the big teams, or we'd have a rule against infielders throwing home on ground balls or some such nonsense.

Deja Vu All Over Again
Deja Vu All Over Again
Norm Hall/Getty Images

Last Night's Disaster

D-backs All Star A.J. Pollock set for Surgery on Elbow

Hale: "We're a family. It's like one of your family members taken away from you right now." Yeah, it's like having the family member that buys the groceries taken away.

Losing A.J. Pollock Short-Circuits Arizona Diamondbacks' Ambitions

Snakebit: Arizona Diamondbacks All-Star Outfielder A.J. Pollock Fractures Elbow, Will Need Surgery

Other Diamondbacks News

Consistency Equals Profit for Arizona Diamondbacks

An article from Forbes that may already be obsolete, given the events that transpired only shortly after it was written. Pollock figured big in everyone's expectations for this season, and this is no exception.

FanGraphs 2016 Staff Predictions

Some actually picked the D-backs to make the postseason! Given the source, I find that very surprising. (Granted, my picks generally agree with theirs, but certain writers there do seem to dislike the Diamondbacks while overlooking the transgressions of teams they like (Astros, for example, who are the near universal pick to win the AL West, a division that should be tougher than the NL West.)

Hardware in Store: MLB Award Predictions

Featuring several Diamondbacks, none of them winning awards, but finishing top-three. I'm going to hold out hope that Socrates Brito winds up in the ROY race, or at least receives votes like Inciarte in 2014.

Tony La Russa sticks out his neck in trying to make the Diamondbacks winners

"If we did something that sounded different," La Russa said, "it's not different because we know what we're doing. It's different because we don't. I have a big objection to that."

What the National Experts Are Saying About the Arizona Diamondbacks

Around MLB

How It Could All Go Wrong for the Cubs

Because it always seems to. Also, schadenfreude.

There's a facsimile of a baseball game today if you have any will to live if you care to watch it, free on and maybe on one of the FSAZ stations, I don't know. Hopefully Chip Hale will have learned his lesson and will call people out of the stands to play instead of playing stars.