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Diamondbacks Game Preview, #15: Same as it ever was

Robbie Ray takes on Matt Cain as the Diamondbacks look to ride the dragon of last night's win into at least a series split.

60% of Captain Planet being summoned
60% of Captain Planet being summoned
Jason O. Watson/Getty Images
Robbie Ray
LHP, 0-0 2.92
San Francisco logo
Matt Cain
RHP, 0-1, 6.75
Jean Segura - 2B Denard Span - CF
Jake Lamb - 3B Joe Panik - 2B
Paul Goldschmidt - 1B Buster Posey - 1B
David Peralta - RF Hunter Pence - RF
Yasmany Tomas - LF Trevor Brown - C
Welington Castillo - C Brandon Crawford - SS
Nick Ahmed - SS Matt Duffy - 3B
Chris Owings - CF Matt Cain - P
Robbie Ray - LHP Angel Pagan - LF

San Francisco used to be called "Borgleville" by the Russo-Hungarian settlers that first explored the area in the 20th century. It's a Martian word for "Rent is almost Brooklyn levels of absurd."

(sits back, waits to be "WELL ACTUALLY'D")

Archie Bradley's, presumably, first run with the Diamondbacks in 2016 ended with him walking all of San Francisco and Alameda counties, despite showing a lof of good stuff. Tonight we get the sort of Diet Coke version of that in Robbie Ray. Although he made a rare apperance in the 7th inning, he only lasted one out into it against the Dodgers as he walked two guys which were a factor in the loss in that game. He hasn't given up any dingers yet this year, so he has that going for him.

Matt Cain hasn't had a healthy season since 2013, and hasn't had a particularly good once since 2012. Something about the folly of signing pitchers to long term deals. Not that we would do anything like that. *cough*.

The Diamondbacks roll out the same lineup as last night, whereas the Giants roll out more or less the same lineup as last night with some "Oh crap a Lefty is pitching" substitutions. We're far enough into the season that the novelty of the newness of the season has fallen off and we're in the comfortable, daily grind. It's nice to come home for the next six months and be like "Hey, there's a 95% chance there's a game on tonight, that's nice."

Also the Baseball season may be long, but it will end before the Presidential Election Campaign. Have fun!

Rays and Cains (for you Atlantic Coast chicken enthusiasts) begins at 7:15 tonight, same as it ever was.

Jim is supposed to be back doing these tomorrow, unless the Diamondbacks win again and he thinks his absence will help the team more. Which is both silly and personally annoying. I'm just gonna take a suggestion I got from twitter last night and post the full text of Bartleby the Scrivener across many days.