Are we experiencing a scoring spike ?

No, not the D Backs, obviously, but league wide, something weird is going on. The NL is outscoring the AL by more than half a run in the early going. But scoring is down so much in the AL that the overall MLB avg is about same as 2015 so far.

2016 4.53 3.95 4.24
2015 4.11 4.39 4.25
2014 3.95 4.18 4.07

Maybe it's a concentration of hitting talent in the NL, or a concentration of pitching talent in the AL, or a combination of both. But it's an interesting early season trend. While it would be somewhat shocking to see the NL outscore the AL over an entire season, another month of sustaining the current gap would point in that direction by season's end, even with regression factored in.