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Diamondbacks Game Preview, #13: The Next Day

After a marathon last night, the Diamondbacks look to rebound with Patrick Corbin on the mound.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

(NOTE: Jim is out of town or busy or something, so I'm writing the previews for the next few days. Adjust accordingly)

Not to put any undue pressure on Patrick Corbin or anything, but he probably needs to throw a Maddux today.

I mean, it's probably not *that* dire, but last night the Diamondbacks went through their entire bullpen (plus a starter who probably should be in the bullpen long term, don't @ me) in a 14 inning loss to the Padres. It didn't help that Shelby Miller didn't realize that "How low can you go?" only applied to Limbo competitions.* Fortunately, it seems like he won't miss his next at the time of writing, lest Diamondbacks fans start making alt accounts and creeping on Dansby Swanson's instagram. (miss u boo)

*(Who would win in a Diamondbacks limbo competition? I'm thinking Nick Ahmed. All time? Augie Ojeda, definitely)

Archie Bradley and Evan Marshall come in as some sort of cavalry. Bradley will presumably be starting for RDLR tomorrow, and Marshall means that Corbin might only have to throw 8 innings today.

While some of the shiny new acquisitions have been a bit squiffy, the lefties of the Diamondbacks rotation, Corbin and Robbie Ray if you recently had an accident in a soap opera resulting in amnesia, have posted normal-ish looking stat lines. Corbin be a contender to win the team-specific Cy Young Award after two starts if we were not well people and that were a thing.

Speaking of left handed pitchers named Robbie, the Padres throw out Robbie Erlin, who is just another in the line of sort of "meh" Padres pitchers with career ERAs in the 4 range who all sort of blend together into the scenery eventually. I think they call themselves the Anthony Bassmen. Erlin, to his credit, has put up an ERA+ of 471 in his first two outings this season. That's totally sustainable, I bet.

Also definitely of note is a rare off-day for Paul Goldschmidt, who had been in an 0-14 skid before getting a hit in extras last night. Also the appearances of Rickie Weeks and, Brandon Drury (at 2B) send a signal of "It's a B Lineup, but we're facing a lefty, sooo..." I refer back to the need for Corbin to Maddux.

The game starts at 1:40, which is an odd start time, but it makes sense. You see, the Padres' scheduler has been taken over by one of those Jimmy Buffett-wannabe country singers who say things like "Life's a beach!" sincerely. 

"Hey man, why you wanna rush and start a game at 1:10. Chill out, bro. Grab a margarita, start a bonfire, maaaaaaaan."