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SnakeBytes 4/17: Missing Josh Collmenter

Shelby Miller somehow managed to punch the mound in his follow-through, twice. The resulting cut meant that the D-backs bullpen had to cover at least 7.1 innings, and with the game going 14 innings, it wound up being a lot more than that.

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Shelby Miller pitches in the first inning
Shelby Miller pitches in the first inning
Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Last Night's Game

D-backs Shelby Miller Exits With Cut on Finger

Diamondbacks Used Nine Pitchers in 14 Inning Loss

D-backs to Call Up Pitchers from Minor Leagues
There's a very real possibility that by the end of the month, the Diamondbacks will have used more pitchers than the Giants and Pirates did all of last season. There's no word yet on who is getting the call, but I'd guess that Godley is one and Burgos another. I'd also guess (hope) that these aren't straight pitcher-for-pitcher swaps. If I were GM, I'd option Owings and Barrett; more likely Buschmann gets optioned though, even though he's the pitcher with the most length out there.

On the other hand, Burgos and Bracho both pitched last night. That may leave us with Evan Marshall (last pitched on the 13th, didn't go well) or Dominic Leone (last pitched the 14th, hasn't allowed a run in 5 innings in Reno) since someone is needed to be available today. Leone has gone two innings in two of his three outings, so he might make the most sense.

An unmentioned possibility is that Miller himself could work in the bullpen, not today, but possibly tomorrow or Tuesday. He'll need to do some throwing on the side, and better to test his finger in a game than run him out there and wind up forced to go through this again.

Diamondbacks News

Zack Greinke Misses More Frequently than in 2015
Nick Piecoro attempts to analyze why Greinke has been less-than-effective so far this year.

Josh Collmenter Remains Without Timetable for Return
Signing players to record contracts may be the best way to anger the baseball gods. Here we have more evidence of their wrath.

Five Stages of Diamondbacks Fan Frustration
With it being a slow (published) news morning, I'll link to one of my first posts on the Snake Pit. It still applies. Sure, the names have been changed somewhat, but it's somewhat shocking to see how little things have progressed in almost three years. Here, also, we have a reference to the origin of my owing Addison Reed dinner. (Oh, and the Padres now have a cycle. So I guess Padres fan syndrome isn't as bad now.)

Around Baseball

Big Gamers All
Frank Jackson at The Hardball Times looks at the leaders in games played by position. Multiple former Diamondbacks make appearances, although most of them had their best years elsewhere.

The Players Who Didn't Bounce Back from Tommy John Surgery
And how thankful we are that Daniel Hudson isn't on this list.

In Conclusion

That's really all I can find in terms of links at present. I may add some through the morning if they pop up, but if it is major stuff (like the announcement of the roster moves) it will get it's own post. Patrick Corbin faces the Padres for the first time since July of 2013, when he tossed 8 innings of 1 run ball but took the loss as the offense failed to score. That game was at Chase...