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SnakeBytes 4/16: The Dangerous Lamb

The broadcast booth said, during last night's ninth inning, that Jake Lamb wasn't a good baserunner. This, despite him having already beaten out two infield hits (major assist to the shift, but still.) He proved to be a wolf in sheep's clothing as his baserunning delivered the win for the Diamondbacks.

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"This baserunning thing is so easy, I can do it with my eyes shut"--Jake Lamb as he scores the winning run
"This baserunning thing is so easy, I can do it with my eyes shut"--Jake Lamb as he scores the winning run
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

Brad Ziegler, Diamondbacks, Hold On After Jake Lamb's one-man rally
Well, he did receive an assist from Phil Gosselin, but Lamb did his best Eric Hosmer impression to give the Diamondbacks the win, and showed the broadcast booth that while he may not be fleet of foot, he certainly has the smarts to be a good baserunner, somewhat like the other corner infielder. Also of note: apparently Gosselin's hit that I thought was a fielder's choice was scored as a hit, so Gosselin gets his third hit of the year and Petco is the new Coors Field, in at least some sense.

[Video] Greinke Delivers Best Outing as D-back
Greinke discusses his outing. And while it doesn't take much for this to be his best so far, there is still a bit of room for improvement, and hopefully we'll see more outings like this and better in the future.

Zack Greinke Delivers as Diamondbacks top Padres

D-backs Steal a Run in the 9th to top Padres

Diamondbacks News

Maricopa County: Diamondbacks Responsible for Chase Field Repairs
The latest in the war of press releases between the county and the franchise. Surely the lease agreement is a matter of public record and could be accessed with a Freedom of Information Act request. Instead, both sides continue to obfuscate and posture.

Diamondbacks not concerned with Randall Delgado's velocity
That would likely make them the only ones. Delgado hasn't been particularly sharp this year.

D-backs Manager Chip Hale a Fan of Jackie Robinson Day
Of course, one would think everyone should be, at least of certain aspects. But the parts about players knowing the history of the game is something I think about a lot.

Around Baseball

Jaime Garcia Just Pitched the Game of His Life

Fangraphs looks at Garcia's gem on Thursday, in which he posted a Game Score of 97. Vince Velasquez also posted a game score of 97 on Thursday, making it the first day since May 18, 2004 with two game scores of 90 or higher. That day Jason Schmidt one-hit the Cubs for a 97, and of course Randy Johnson threw a perfect game with a score of 100.

Vincent Velasquez Has Almost Everything
On that note, Fangraphs also looks at Velasquez, not even the highest rated prospect acquired by the Phillies in the Ken Giles trade.

Mark Trumbo Becomes First Oriole to Homer Twice in One Inning

Mark Trumbo on Home Runs and not Drawing Walks
And on that note, here's an article/interview with Trumbo himself about his approach at the plate, complete with a possible shot at the way he was handled in Arizona at the end. (Personally, I think he moved around a lot more in Anaheim, but given his results here, I'd have to think he may have had Arizona in mind.)

#HotTaeks for the weekend

The Diamondbacks vaunted offense is averaging only 3 runs per game over the last nine games. Time to find a new hitting coach, or just to fire Chip Hale?...The constant changing of uniforms is adversely affecting play on the field, leading to poor fielding and baserunning, and the team should go back to (insert one) teal/red/pinstripes/just stop playing baseball and let teh Yankees/Cubs/Dodgers/Giants have their rightful place already...Rickie Weeks, Jr. needs more playing time to boost the offense, or just call up Peter O'Brien...The Padres wore brown and yellow last night, a unique uniform that I like because it reminds me of my childhood when breaking legs during a slide was allowed, unlike the unique uniforms of the Diamondbacks. Those things are awful...

Wait, the Diamondbacks won last night? I'd been assured that was impossible!

What's your favorite #HotTaek you've heard over the past week? Please share in the comments, unless you actually believe it. Then, re-watch the ninth inning last night and tell me you don't think luck is beginning to turn.

Tonight's Game

Tonight's game against the Padres starts at the much more civilized time of 5:40, Arizona time. Shelby Miller opposes Andrew Cashner. I feel like Cashner has owned us over the years, but he's only 5-5 with a 3.26 ERA in 17 appearances (13 starts), and current Diamondbacks have slashed .252/.281/.374 against him. Shelby Miller has had a bit of bad luck in Petco over the years, with a 1.159 WHIP but a 4.30 ERA in only 2 starts, so hopefully he can get that turned around.