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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball Week 1: Middle Infielders Lead the Way

Let's take a look at the big winners and losers in the AZSnakePit fantasy baseball league.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you pay attention to rookies and middle infielders, chances are you won your first matchup of the season. Local prospect aficionado John Baragona took full advantage, drafting 2 of the top 3 players in Trevor Story and Eugenio Suarez. After a 8-2 matchup clobbering of our poor boss Jim, he's our Manager of the Week. Here's the other matchups.

Socrates Burritos 8, AZ SnakePit 2

The aforementioned Trevor Story and Eugenio Suarez led the way on offense for a batting 5-category sweep. The team 42 Runs, 21 HRs, 49 RBIs, 7 SB's and a .279 BA. Yikes. AZ SnakePit put up a fight in the pitching category, taking Wins and K's, with Johnny Cueto winning 2 and striking out 12. John won Saves, ERA and WHIP behind Roberto Osuna (3 saves) and Noah Syndergaard (1 Win, 9 K's)

Greinke to Victory 7, SKJ_Muu 2

Close batting sweep for Greinke, tying in homers and taking every category by the slimmest of margins. Yasiel P*ig (7 R, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 1 SB) led a balanced team attack for Greinke. Greinke took 3 pitching categories (W, ERA, WHIP) with Francisco Liriano (1W, 13K, 2.45 ERA) and Jimmy Nelson (1W, 12K, 2.70 ERA). Muu ended with Saves and K's, with Edinson Volquez (1W, 15K) and Daniel Robertson (2 S) doing their best.

The Life of Carlos 7, Angry Saguaro 3

Saguaro started batting off well, winning 3 (R, RBI, AVG) categories behind Josh Donaldson (8 R, 4HR, 9RBI). Carlos took HR and SB behind Carlos Correa (5R, 3HR, 4RBI, 2SB). Unfortunately for Saguaro, Carlos swept the pitching category handily with Jake Arrieta (2W, 12K) and Zach Britton (1W, 2SV) supporting the sweep. Raisel Iglesias tried his best for Saguaro getting 1W, 12K and a 2.31ERA.

MyWeiterGetzLongoria 6, The Baseball Furies 4

Longoria squeaked out 4 batting category wins winning Runs and and HRs by 1 point a piece. Paul Goldschmidt was the main man, with 4R, 2HR, 7RBI and a SB. Manny Machado did his part for Furies, with 5R, 3HR and 4RBI. Pitching again was close, but Furies held out taking SV, K and ERA. Trevor Rosenthal and Jonathan Papelbon combined for 5SV and 12K.

Alabama Slammers 6, CGS 4

Slammers took 3 categories in both batting (R, SB, AVG)  and pitching (SV, ERA, WHIP) with 5 players scoring 4 runs or more and Clayton Kershaw leading the way. CGS used a balanced attack on offense to salvage HR and RBI (6 players with 1+ HRs, 3RBI) while Cole Hamels (2W, 12K, 2.08ERA) did his best to grab 2 pitching categories.

Disco Quest 5, Mizzoula Osprey 4

Disco took the win with 4 pitching categories (W, SV, ERA, WHIP) behind Chris Sale (2W, 14K) and 4 closers grabbing saves. Felix Hernandez performed admirably for Osprey, with 16Ks and a 0.69ERA. Osprey rebounded in the batting category, winning 3 (R, SB, AVG) and tying RBI. Jean Segura (3HR, 6R, 5RBI, 2SB) was fantastic while Disco had multiple players contributing in small ways.

Skinny Jean Segura 5, Waffles 5

Segura took 4 pitching categories (W, SV, K, ERA)with Madison Bumgarner (1W, 14K, 3.28ERA) and Danny Salazar (1W, 7K, 1.69ERA). Waffle was close to winning but lost by mere points with 7 pitchers had less than a 3.60ERA. Waffles rebounded batting-wise behind Anthony Rizzo (6R, 2HR, 10RBI) and Matt Kemp (3R, 2HR, 10RBI), winning 4 categories (R, HR, RBI, AVG) while losing SB by just 1. 3 players had 2HR and 4RBI a piece for Segura.

The Life of Carlos vs. Disco Quest
AZ SnakePit vs. MyWieterGetzLongoria
Socrates Burritos vs. SKJ_Muu
Mizzoula Osprey vs. The Baseball Furies
Skinny Jean Segura vs. Angry Saguaro
CGS vs. Waffles

MATCHUP OF THE WEEK - Greinke to Victory vs. Alabama Slammers
2nd faces 5th in this early season matchup. A big win from either of these teams will put them in great shape to start the year.

How'd your team(s) do? Were you hit by the injury bug or did you avoid Kyle Schwarber like the plague with your forecasting abilities?