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Please say "Hello!" to the AZ SnakePit!

Well, it's the first off-day of the season. We COULD dissect the first week of results in minute detail - but there's about 155 games left in which we can do that. So, instead - let's introduce ourselves! I'll go first...

Hi! I'm Jim, and I didn't see my first live baseball game until I was in my thirties. That's because I was born and grew up in Scotland (instead I played in the most northerly cricket league in the world!). As such, I'm a "pure" D-back fan, never having had any other real rooting allegiance; I picked up on the team in 1997 after a holiday to Phoenix, where I stared into the hole in the ground that would become Chase Field, and followed them from afar for a few years, until I moved to Arizona in November 2000. Of course, they won the World Series the next year, which sealed two commitments, as I also proposed to the future Mrs. SnakePit immediately after we won Game 7!

I originally started writing about the Diamondbacks in 2003, in a long-gone site called ...But it's a DRY Heat, mostly as an escape valve so Mrs. SnakePit wouldn't have to hear burbling on about batting average with runner in scoring position. At the beginning of 2005, I was invited to the early days of SB Nation, which at that time was about eight sites, all baseball, and have been here ever since, fending off military coups and assassination attempts by the disgruntled. It has now become a rather significant part of my life, and I've made friends, enemies, laughed, cried and thrown things at my TV set alongside and with (as above!) the community here for the past 11 years.

I live in the West Valley with Mrs. SnakePit, SnakePit Jr, plus a cat and a dog with sharply differing personalities. When not ranting about the Diamondbacks, I watch a lot of movies, with a particular fondness for bad, offensive and foreign ones [ideally, all three!]. I work as an admin for a web-hosting company [no, not Go Daddy!] in Tempe and my favorite food is steak. Favorite current Diamondback is Daniel Hudson; all-time has to be Luis Gonzalez, since he got me my wife!

But enough about me. Tell me about yourself.... If you're looking for inspiration beyond the above, here are a few more questions that might spark something.

  • Did you have a sporting here growing up?
  • Why are you a Diamondbacks' fan?
  • Can you play baseball?
  • Who are your most and least favorite non-Diamondbacks?
  • What is the best thing about baseball?
  • Would you change anything about it?
  • What is the best D-backs game you've ever attended in person?
  • Do you follow other sports?

Of course, don't be obliged to stick to the above, and feel free to mention anything else unusual or of interest - whether it's 25 words or 2,500, I look forward to hear more about all the SnakePitters!