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SB Nation and FanDuel partnering up

If doing fantasy baseball for a whole season seems too much like a long-haul, FanDuel might offer a better alternative.

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Yes, to address the elephant in the room first:  yes, I know that. according to their rules,  if you are "physically located" in Arizona, state law means that you can not deposit or win "real money". Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do about the archaic laws in force here. So, if you're an Arizona resident [or in Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, or Washington], please feel free to get on with your day, and enjoy the rest of the SnakePit. This actually includes me - which is a bit of a downer, because they gave me a small starter kitty, to try out the site, but it won't let me even get past the lobby listing the games.

Anyway. Having got the Buzzkill States out of the way, where were we? Fanduel works in much the same way as regular fantasy baseball: you pick a roster of players, and scores are determined based on the performance of your roster. However, rather than running for a season, or even a week, Fanduel contests are run based on the results of a single day. So, if your team sucks, on Monday, no big: Tuesday is another day, with everyone back at zero and the chance to start from scratch once again.

You can also win money. A lot of money. Today's main contest on the Fanduel site costs $2 to enter, and by the end of the day will pay out $75,000 in prizes, from $7,000 for the overall winner, all the way down to $5 for those finishing in 7,930th place. [Which must suck if you come in 7,931st]. They also offer other leagues, with varying entry fees and prize pools - they're particularly big during the NFL campaign, but cover all the major sports in season. Particularly on an off-day, it provides a potential way to have a bit of fun and make the non-Diamondback contests interesting, though as with all gambling, only wager what you are happy to lose.

Editor's Note: Win cash in your first daily fantasy baseball league or get your entry fee refunded! Offered in partnership with FanDuel.