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Infield Chatter Episode 2.04

"Corn salad isn't an everyday dish" "Of course not, sometimes you blend it up and have a smoothie."

Things discussed on this episode:

- Our discussion of A.J. Pollock's injury quickly devolves into apocalypse preparation and mayonnaise.

- We talk about Greinke's first start, or lack thereof, and a little bit about the rumors of the flu going around.

- I do a teeeeeeeeeeerrrrrriiiible Vin Scully impression.

-  We take questions, but pretty much the off-topic ones. I somehow pronounce "Yggdrasil" okay but "Norse" trips me up.

- Look ahead to next week's games, and while they have at this point, when we recorded the Padres had yet to score a run and that was funny.

Download here, stream below