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Snake Bytes 3/9: Shaking Things Out

Spring training is in full swing and some pictures are starting to come into a bit more focus.

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Golden Rule: Work Ethic Defines Diamondbacks' First Baseman

It seems that his entire life, there has been some underestimation of just how good Paul Goldschmidt really is - until now. It isn't difficult to see how he got here though.

Segura Adds 3 Hits

Competing for a job as a starter on the Diamondbacks' middle infield, second baseman Jean Segura has started off 9 for 13 in his first four games.

Ray Taking Charge

Arguably the team's best starter in 2014, left-hander Robbie Ray tossed three shutout innings against the Angels on Tuesday, further strengthening his grip on a rotation slot.

Shipley Avoids Surgery

After babying his elbow through a bone spur last season, Diamondbacks' prospect, Braden Shipley was handed some of the most disheartening news he could receive, there was fraying of the UCL in his pitching elbow. Now, 3 specialists and months of conditioning later, Shipley has avoided the dreaded Tommy John surgery and is once again in line to play an important part in the team's pitching depth for 2016.

MLB Ready to Welcome Openly Gay Players

The diversity landscape has changed many times over the years, Now, baseball stands poised for it to change yet again.

The Influences of Ticket Pricing

"The truth is that baseball is not just business; it is, in fact, a pursuit whose end product is experientially divorced from its financial machinations."