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SnakeBytes 3/6: Negative Reviews

Surprise, surprise. The uniforms are hated

Today's starting pitcher and current #3 starter
Today's starting pitcher and current #3 starter
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

It's As Bad As We Thought It Would Be

In which Phil Hencken pans the new uniforms. Granted, there is a lot of hate about a uniform set that, pretty much, you either love or hate, but I love the uniqueness of having the dark grey. No one else has it. Everyone has that "crisp white" that he loves on the Dodgers (partially, as I'm sure he'd admit, because they are the Dodgers and tradition and Vin Scully). For the last few years, the Diamondbacks looked too much like other teams. Looking too much like the umpires would be an improvement.

Key Fantasy Baseball Sleepers on the Arizona Diamondbacks

ESPN Insider look at Diamondback players, primarily seeing the negatives that we've seen about lack of OBP. It's unfortunate that he apparently had decided to write about Jake Lamb, and then Lamb struck out four times yesterday.

Giants' Rivals are Polar Opposites

Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle looks at the Dodgers and Diamondbacks. Occasionally not quite up-to-date on position battles (Segura looks likely to start at second, not shortstop) but still an intriguing look at how those outside the Diamondbacks bubble look at the team, and not all negative, either.

Maeda Works 2 Scoreless Innings in 7-2 Win Over Arizona

In which we lose the Miller trade twice, first by acquiring a pitcher who struggled, and second by not chasing after Maeda (the new Greatest Thing Ever) because we had him.

Today, the D-backs are back at Salt River Fields to take on the greatest team in the history of baseball, the 1927 Yankees 2016 Cubs. Here is the lineup, which looks more like a possible opening day lineup than anything we've seen so far. With the exception of Zach Borenstein at the non-position, the rest of the lineup could be what we see, although I notice Tomas is in RF with Peter O'Brien in LF, so A.J. Pollock will have to cover pretty much from foul pole to foul pole. I wonder if there is a rule in place that the Cubs must counter with starting Kyle Schwarber in RF?

Also, as I write my phone has buzzed to inform me that MLB is vacating Chase Utley's suspension. Dodger favoritism is strong in the MLB offices, even this early in the year.