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Infield Chatter 2.02

After a week we are back, and we have a guest! An actual human guest type person!

After missing a week because I got a new job that I started and because we had nothing to really talk about, we are back! And lo and behold we have our first ever guest. Mister Nicolas Stellini
of Beyond the Box Score, BP Bronx, and Fanrag joins the panel and here are some things we talk about

- We tie the recent Hank the Dog conspiracy to the Daron Sutton Pologhazi and it BLOWS YOUR DAMN MIND

- We get Nick's thoughts on the Diamondbacks offseason, how small the window might be, that kind of thing

- Nick is a Yankees fan, so we get his thoughts on them coming into 2016, including an Ice Cream Sandiwch Les Miserables.

- We take questions about a variety of topics

You can download here or stream below. Please tell your friends because that would make me happy and if I'm happy then I'm happy.